Thursday, August 02, 2007

Rick Owens Metallic Leather Jacket

In case you've been snoozing through the latest turn of the century and are just now deciding that you'd rather not miss EVERYTHING, let us help you move right along into the year 2000. And 7. Regardez vous: Rick Owens. That's pronounced Reeeek Owenz (if you leeeve in Paris). This avant-garde upstart from Central Cali is reknowned for an Iggy Pop-ish approach to design--dark, moody, raw, vulnerable and sexy. It's Grace Jones in Mad Max meets the Skaksies. Often mistaken for deconstructed madness, Owens is actually a meticulous draper--known to obsess over the intracasies of drafting and pattern making. For example: Here is one of Owens' signature pieces: the leather jacket. Crafted out of a metallic malted bronze leather, this jacket also features sculpted padded shoulders and breast pockets. In mint condition and available at D2 for $850. For futher information or to purchase, please contact: SOLD