Monday, October 30, 2006

Chanel Mink Bag

We know that people around the world are going crazy for Chanel. Something is in the food at all the fashionable restaurants and bottled water must be contaminated because, women everywhere of all ages just cannot get enough of the Coco legacy.

So at Decades Two, we do all we can to facilitate the urge to Coco. This Mink bag or many hues is such a piece of work, I think everyone needs one. NEEDS ONE, not my emphasis there. It is real mink and it has a gold chain and the clasp is the trusty double "CC" logo, although its slightly out of sight behind the fur. The patchwork on the bag is really cool as far as the design goes, and a very nice touch considering the material of the bag.
It is priced at $995.

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Marni Top Coat

Straight from the runway of Fall 2005, look 35, is this totally Marni coat. Half sleeve with a cute little closure detail, and made of wool, this jacket is perfect for that Italian glamour look in winter.

Here is the picture as it was seen on the runway in spring of '05 and below are close up shots of the jacket in our store.

There are also photos of the details such as the cuff and the plastic appliqué on the lapel. The coat is size 40 and is priced at $795 at Decades Two.

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Prada Overcoat.

The first glimpse of this amazing, Sherlock Holmes inspired coat was look #9 of the Fall 2003 Ready to Wear collection from our constant favorite Prada. Here is a snap short to jolt your memory back to the Spring of 2003 when this collection first appeared. Below that you will find the coat at Decades Two.

As you can see it is a Herringbone 3/4 length sleeve top coat. The colors of the texture are grey, black, and blue. The coat is made of a wool/cashmere mix and is sized 42. The price at Decades Two is $620. There is a close up shot of the label below this second photo.

A coat such as this, will never go out of style. There is nothing gimmicky about it, there are not trends that define it as one particular season or time. It is everything you could want in a great Prada coat and will be a favorite of yours when the cold weather rolls around, or you fly out to NYC every year.

For further information or to purchase please contact and reference this blog posting. SOLD

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Christian Dior Boutique Paris

As the winter seems to be further and further away in LA, today is 29th of October and it's nearing 80 degrees outside, you might not be so inspired to buy new winter coats. However, if you are like me, and you just booked your private jet to Aspen for the ski season, then you might be starting the thought process of your apres ski wardrobe.

A puffy sweater sleeve jacket with hood will do the chic trick. It is sized medium and priced at $430. So actually quite a deal. It is almost vintage as it is from the early 90s, but actually looks like you might have bought it at Dior Aspen just last season. It is made of a wool cashmere mix and is lusciously soft.

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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Badgely Mischka

Sometimes, you just want to be that type of girl. Or lady. The one who is elegantly under dressed but stunningly over beautiful. You may think I am crazy but pair this tan linen peasant style dress with some greige Dolce Vita flats and you have the look down to a T.

Retailed at Badgely Mischka for $3200 from the Spring 2006 collection this little dress has impeccable bead work and harmonious lines that accentuate the female body in the right places. At DecadesTwo it is on sale for $1,710 and is a size 6.

As you can see in these photos the intricate detailing of the beading is fine and delicate. The dress has pockets which allows the wearer automatic attitude and style efficiency for those moments when you are not quite sure what to do with your neatly manicured hands. Great cap toed, high-heeled sling backs complete the look if you want to dress it up, or the flats as before if you just want to step out to get the paper and grab a coffee with friends.

As ridiculous as that may sound, remember there is never an excuse to not look your best and and dress every day as though it was your last. This is fashion people.

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Blumarine Biker Dream

It's Friday evening, you have a date, and you are heading out to Malibu for a night at Nobu. It is perhaps a little chilly, but you decide what the hell, you're going to take the Harley. Spin by your dates' loft and have him jump on the back of your bike. As astonished and turned on as he is nothing gets him going quite the way your hot little ensemble does. Sure the bike is a strong touch, but as he clutches his arms around your waist and holds on for dear life, you know you won't be waking up alone in the morning.

To go with this fantastic scenario, you obviously need a chic little biker girl ensemble. Nothing too revealing, but nothing too biker either. So, pick this Blumarine black 2 piece sparkly tweed ensemble.

Originally priced at $2638, DecadesTwo has it waiting for you at just $600 new with tags. It is a size 40 and is sumptuously decorated with metal studding and stars and accented with real mink trim. Worn either as a suit or separates, the idea of this piece excites me just a little. Come to DecadesTwo and we will surely secure your Mr. Right-Now. SOLD

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Christian Louboutin

We all know that Christian Louboutin is the darling of the Hollywood foot fetish world. You may be a slave to Manolo and a follower of Jimmy, but every girl worth her Balenciaga or YSL bag in this town knows the shoes to wear are Louboutins.

These may not be the most exciting incarnations you have ever seen, but as an entry shoe into the world of Christian it is a safe bet that you can always rely on in times of some podiatric love.

As you can see they are wedge sandals in the style of an Espadrille but without the summer only fabric. They are decorated with subtle black ribboning and are size 38, priced at $220. The photo below shows the tell tale Louboutin red sole that is clearly unmarked and unscathed fresh out of the box for you to use and abuse. SOLD

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Oscar de la Renta

Sometimes in life there are certain things that just are not so fair. Like an Oscar de la Renta dress being so astronomically priced there is simply no way in this lifetime you are going to spend the cost of a car on it. Then again, there is always DecadesTwo. Your second closet, your best option for finding the best in designer clothing, often unused and brand new with tags, for a fraction of the original retail price.

Take for instance, this little number below.

Originally this high-waisted full-length skirt was priced at $17,000 when it was bought new at Neimans. At Decades you can get the same piece, New With Tags for a mere $5,900. It is a size 6, silk taffeta creation, that when it was first seen on the runway in Fall 2005 ready to wear collection , the fashion world went wild.

Of course Daria Werbowy is not included in this sale.

The gorgeous hues of black, navy and cobalt blue in the many layers of this incredible ball gown are invigorating and startling. The vibrant effect is as though you walked through a lake of blue ink that slowly seeped its way into the fabric of your dress oh so precisely.

Essentially the gown does all the work for you. Pair it with a simple sweat as shown on the runway or with a gritty white ribbed wife beater, this dress can never be dressed down. DecadesTwo loves it and we hope you do too! SOLD

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Friday, October 20, 2006

Tom Ford for Gucci

While the era may be over, we will never forget the sex, rock n' roll and whiskey of the Tom Ford for Gucci revolution.

His mark on the house, and his indelible change to the fashion market is one that will never go away, and what better way to honor it than wearing it on your back. At DecadesTwo we have the perfect option.

Summer 2003, think red. Not any red, but the red that you feel when you lust, love, and leave. This silk corset dress originally priced at $7000 is size 24 and priced at $2410, new with tags, is going to not only make you weep with joy,but when you stroll into the Annual Shareholders, ball every CEO's wife will be jealous and desperate to sneak out to call their plastic surgeons for one more nip/tuck.

As you can see, the gown is dramatic yet demure, the corset style hints at a courtesan life that you may have once lived centuries ago, while the train signals the red carpet extravagance that you live in this life time.

The best part about this gown? Even if you have no where to go, you are single and staying home for a glass of wine and a movie, why shouldn't you make a night of it? Dress up and get down with you and your bad self on your mink thrown. Don this gown and you will be so happy that you chose to netflix Pretty Woman and not The Notebook. SOLD

Lanvin Snake Platform

It may be nearing the end of October, and you may be pulling your winter wardrobe out of storage for the upcoming months but that doesn't mean you need to stop shopping for summer collections. For when your friends ask you, over a cup of tea, where you will be spending your winter hols, you can tell them with the flick of your hair, "Well Henry(your husband) and I have taken a yacht for ten days over Christmas and New Year's. We will be cruising around the Bahamas"

While your friends pack their woolen sweaters, you can pack these Snakeskin Lanvin platforms. Size 38, never worn, and just phenomenal heels. Priced at $390 they are more than a bargain they will make your holiday with Henry, so sexy, so fun and so glam.

Why pull out your winter wardrobe when you can just buy a whole new one. Come into Decades Two and we will solve all your " I have nothing to wear!" dilemmas. SOLD

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Devil may wear Prada but so can you!

I don't know how many of you have visited the Prada store, here in Aspen, but it is quite amazing. Of course it is not designed by Rem Koolhaas as the epicentre stores on both coasts are, but it is a touch of magnificence if you ask me. Situated in downtown Aspen, it is perfectly integrated into the feel of a chic mountain town such as Aspen. The store is spread across several floors, with heavy wooden paneling and slabs of local stone all mixed together to give the feel of your own mountain home. Ski-in/ski-out.

Now this dress takes us back to the Spring collection of this year, 2006, but no matter as the intricacy and craftsmanship that has created this dress is the same as the rest of the Prada empire, perfect, and reminds me of the store.

The wide navy velvet shoulder straps harks back to the roaring 20s and ensuing 30s, and the drop-waist feature of the dress accentuates that detail. There are two pockets on the front of the dress, and I don't know a woman who doesn't like pockets on her dress or skirt, as well as the intricate wooden beading that is covering this amazing piece.

The fabric that the wooden detailing is stitched into is a sheer silky fabric that is quite light as the beading adds some weight to this breath taking gown.

As you can see in the label, this dress is marked as a size 40 and is one of those pieces that you will always be struck to awe by whether you are wearing it, or looking at it in your closet.

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While in Aspen

There is only one way to shop. It's not at one of the boutiques that litters the corners of this sleepy little ski town. It's not at one of the touristy t-shirt shops either. No when in Aspen, as I am now, I like to shop via blog, at the newly opened Decades Two blog. Well if you happen to share the same sentiments then you will no doubt love this posting.

In a world where a limited edition run can mean hundreds if not thousands of editions, perhaps even more I like to get as exclusive as I can. Sure this has to start with an exclusive brand, but what is more exclusive than 200 hand made bags from proprietor of all things luxurious Bottega Veneta.

Handcrafted in this gorgeous rusty brown supple leather with a woven handle, this bag is simply die for! It has gold hardware and buckles there is one smaller snap closure compartment on the inside and is lined in suede. Below is an image of the gold authentication plaque on the inside of the bag as well as a shot of the bag sitting open and empty.

So sensational was this bag that only 200 were ever made and were retailed at $3000. At Decades Two you can do a little better. If you love exclusivity and you love fall, you are going to love this bag and you know it is something that you cannot live without! for more information or to purchase please contact us at