Monday, July 23, 2007



Hey, you gorgeous gals and gents: in case you've been too busy tanning or simply hiding under a rock, we're so pleased to formally announce the expansion of our boutique. We've taken over the space next door and practically doubled in size. So, after weeks of breaking down and breaking through, construction, installation, rewiring and reworking--girl, we needed a cocktail. So, we decided to invite all of fave glamma girls and guys to stop by, check out the new digs, and celebrate the D2 compound. Celebutaries & fashionistas alike sipped specialty cocktails courtesy of 10 Cane Rum, enjoyed libations brought by Ener-G drink specialists Motley Bird & nibbled on Macro-marvelous sweets & treats from M Cafe, while perusing the racks AND the 2000 new pieces we now have room for on the D2 floor. To those of you who couldn't be with us, you were sorely missed. But, we've included a few of our favorite party pics for you below and for more party coverage, please check out:,,20047204,00.html

Decades & Decadestwo Style Dictators Cameron Silver & Christos Garkinos

Shannon, Constance & Jared Leto

Tracee Ellis Ross, Christos Garkinos & JodyWatley

Garcelle Beauvais

Ali Larter

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Yves Saint Laurent Spring 2005 Jacket

It's hard for us sometimes not to sound like a fickle fashion floozy--we just believe that there's always enough love to go around. And while we remain the most ardent fan of Tom Ford's tenure at YSL, we're also staunch champions of Stefano Pilati's reign at the 45 year old French house. Rather than continue in the vein of Ford's uber sexy boardroom-to-bedroom styling, Pilati raided the YSL archives and chose instead to return to Saint Laurent's original refined and elegant tailoring with sharp cuts and well-edited silhouettes. For example, take this YSL classic piece: the Safari jacket. As well-identified with the brand as Le Smoking, a YSL safari jacket is the sort of iconic piece that all girls should include in their wardrobes. Crafted with exquisite crisp tailoring, the borrowed-from-the-boys jacket features pleated details and khaki green dotted swiss interior and hanging details that created a luxury has come undone look. In a size 34 and available for $900. For further information or to purchase,please contact:

Gucci Suede Wrap Jacket

We think a drive in the country is the ultimate in summer chic--especially when the day is styled by Gucci. Pack a picnic, bring a book and a blanket, literally wrap your self in a Gucci sand colored suede boho babe wrap coat, and pop into your 1972 AMC Hornet "sportabout" station wagon with luxury interior courtesy of you-know-who, the Gucc. Ok, so we can't can't really help you out with the car--but we can definitely drape your shoulders in yummy Italian decadence. Featuring a wrap front DIY tie style, this chic coat is the epitome of hippie chic and is finished with delicate embroidery. In a approximately a size 6/8, this baby is avilable at D2 for $1100. For further information or to purchase, please contact:

Yves Saint Laurent Black Ruched Off-The-Shoulder Blazer

We love Tom Ford. Love him. Love him. Love him. Love him to bits. Love him to pieces. Love him like melted butter on toast. Love him from the YSL Days. Love him from the Gucci era. In fact, nothing makes us more nostalgic for the nineties than Senor Ford (except maybe a VH1 special featuring Michael Ian Black.) Love Love Love. Btw, we're not cheating on Karl. We're just too much fashion lady for just one man--know what I'm sayin'?

So, allow us to present this iconic piece from YSL's Fall 2002 collection. A perfect example of Ford's signature sexy dethroned luxe styling and tailoring, this jazzy jacket features cufflink style front closures, velvet detailing, off-the-shoulder construction and gorgeous gypsy ruching. In a size 34, originally retailed for $2175 and available for $1250. For further information or to purchase: please contact: SOLD

Yves Saint Laurent Lilac Motorcycle Jacket

How far the motorcycle jacket has come . . . from it's fuctional beginnings in the the 1920's when the style is thought to have been first introduced by Schott NYC to it's Rebel-Without A-Cause status in the 1950s and 60s to it's current iconic status as the jacket of choice for everyone from bikers and punk rockers to hipsters and debutanters alike.

Leave it to YSL to update this iconic jacket by staying true to the jacket's tough-stuff roots but modernizing it for today's woman by using a lilac cotton/sill blend, ruffle detailing at the zipper front closure and graphic slice inverted pleating. In a size 40 and priced at $700. For futher information or to purchase, please contact: SOLD

Yves Saint Laurent White Lace-Up Blazer

Ok, ladies--get out your calenders and mont blancs. As of today, July 21st, there's only 44 days until Labor Day. You know what that means. In addition to sitting in ungodly traffic on the LIE en route to the Hamptons, and serious palm greasing to get a table at Nick & Toni's, there's only 6 weeks left to wear white. We suggest kicking it off with this Yves Saint Laurent Blazer. Sporting three hook-and-eye front closures and sheer silk lace-up details with brass grommet accents, this saucy blazer also features raw edge detailing. In a size 38 and avaialable at D2 for $450. For futher information or to purchase, please contact: SOLD

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Monique Lhuillier Fall 2006 Ballgown

We like to think that this is what Cinderella might have worn to the ball, if she was in a darkened german gothic grimm version of the fairy tale. Created by Monique Lhuillier for her Fall 2006 collection, this gorgeous gown is created with a super duper highly constructed gathered skirt with mesh interior crinolines, black velvet belt at the waist, white bodice with ribbon detailing, pearls, beads and gems. In a size 10 (a small 10-could also fit an 8) and priced at $2000. And hey, we can't be responsible for what happens when the clock strikes 12! For futher information or to purchase, please contact:

Catherine Malandrino Yellow Ruffle Dress

One of the best things about wearing yellow is that the color will have you crooning you all day long, not to mention the constant serenades of your peeps. We find being surrounded by sound quite charming. So much so, that we'd still like to sing the world a song--and buy them all a coke. And a smile. Here's a list of our favorite yellow inspired tunes tunes to croon while wearing this super chic, super light, 60's inspired ruffle adorned dress with beige grosgrain shoulder strap by Malandrino--the same style as seen below on uber fab Garcelle Beauvais. In a size 40 and available for $500. For further information, to purchase, or to send us some of your favorite little yellow ditties, please contact: SOLD

1. They call me mellow yellow . . .
2. Here comes the sun . . .
3. Yellow bird, up high in banana tree . . .
4. Goodbye yellow brick road . . .
5. There a yellow rose in Texas . . .
6. The way you squeeze my lemon, I'm gonna fall right out of bed . . .
7. We all live in a yellow submarine . . .