Friday, February 29, 2008

Chanel Fall 2007 Belted Tweed Blazer

Here at Decadestwo, we provide items for all your fashion needs and I do mean ALL your fashion needs, Mary. For example, say you're standing on the beach, watching a group of athletes train for the 1924 Olympics . . . ooh, that might have been Chariots of Fire. But if you find yourself in a similar situation, this is the blazer for you. From the Fall 2007 collection, this baby is crafted of a signature Chanel boucle tweed and also features a belt at the waist. In mint condition! Priced at $2400. For further information or to purchase, please contact:

Chanel Spring 2006 Chain Blazer

Here, in no particular order, are the 10 best songs to listen to while sporting this size 44 super chic black boucle blazer with signature silver chain accenting by la maison de Chanel. (Postscript: it's priced at $1700. For further information or to purchase, please contact: We just lurve a mix tape!

1. Back on the Chain Gang - The Pretenders

2. Chain of Fools - Aretha Franklin

3. The Chain - Fleetwood Mac

4. Chains of Love - Erasure

5. unCHAINed Melody - Righteous Brothers

6. Chain Reaction - Diana Ross

7. Chains - The Cookies (to be later covered by the Beatles)

8. Ball & Chain - Elton John

9. Woman In Chains - Tears for Fears

10. Breaking The Chains - Dokken

Chanel Spring 2007 Tweed Fringe Boucle Blazer

Ok, so I had a bet going with my BFF. She said that a blazer and a jacket were not always synonymous items of clothing. I said, no way jose. Turns out the little minx was right. A blazer is in fact a type of jacket, often resembling a suit jacket except that a blazer often has patch pockets with no flaps and metal shank buttons. A jacket, on the other hand, is not a blazer. Go fig. I owe her a coke. Blazer or jacket, i totally heart this little number de Chanel. From their Spring 2007 collection, this bee-yoo-ti-ful blazer also sports signature fringe detailing at the lapels, cuffs and edges. New With Tags & Retailed in stores for $3400. In a size 42. Priced at Decadestwo for $2000. Who loves like we do, ladies? For further information or to purchase, please contact:

Friday, February 22, 2008

Rick Owens Mud Colored Motorcycle Jacket

There's something so rough and tumble about a Rick Owens jacket that just screams smokin' in the boys room with the likes of Ponyboy, Soda Pop and Dallas Winston, as far as we're concerned. Pretty hot. Like this Owens masterpiece in particular. Crafted using a signature thick and supple blackish mud colored leather, this jazzy jacket features knit undersides of the sleeves and pleated detailing across the back. In mint condition and in a US 6. Priced at $800. For further information or to purchase, please contact:

Oscar De La Renta Resort 2007 Dress

Oh my goodness gracious . . . well, we had to find some scrumptious confection to give us a lil' inspiration for summer. It's been raining here in LA and we need it bad. So, who better to turn to than Mr. De La Renta. Viola, a beautiful delicate white linen dress with pleased bodice, floral cut-outs on the skirt and embroidered straps. In mint condition and a size 8. Priced at $900. For further information or to purchase, please contact:

Chanel Fall 2006 Quilted Leather Jacket

We just lurve a period piece and we can't wait until February 29th for the release of The Other Boleyn Girl. Until then, we'll try to keep ourselves happy with this tudor-inspired quilted bone colored leather jacket, courtesy de la maison de Chanel. From the Fall 2006 collection, this baby also features silver beaded and gem detailing. In mint condition and in a size 40. Priced at $2500. For further information or to purchase, please contact:

Chanel Spring 2007 White Boucle Jacket with Denim Trim

Now that spring is just around the corner, and soon enough, it'll be time to break out bikinis and hot pants, we thought we'd include a delicious recipre from Mr. Lagerfeld's diet bible: The Karl Lagerfeld Diet by the fashion icon himself (look at what a skinny mini he's become) along with his pal, Dr. Jean Claude Houdret. It's yummy, lemony and only 65 calories a serving. Delish & Nutrish!

Lemon Soup

4 cups chicken stock

1/4 cup cooked rice

1 egg yolk

2 egg whites

Juice of 1 lemon

Thyme (to taste)

Salt & pepper

1. Heat stock until hot.

2. Add rice

3. In a soup bowl, whisk up egg yolk & whites. Add lemon juice.

4. Pour in hot stock & whisk consistantly until ready to serve. Add thyme & seasonings.

5. Er, serve.

And, if you need a little something until you're frolicking on the beach, St. Tropez style, we've got something for you too. Cover up until the sun shines with this Chanel Spring 2007 white boucle jacket with denim trim with frayed edges, golden metal cc button closures and camellia embroidered silk lining. In mint condition and available in a size 36. Priced at $1200. For further information or to purchase, please contact: SOLD

Balenciaga Spring 2008 Floral Jacket

The definition of a sculpture is: a three-dimensional piece of artwork created by crafting materials that can be either molded or modulated. We think that applies to Balenciaga's entire Spring 2008 season. So, we'd like to showcase one of the pieces from that collection--also a departure for the young Ghesquiere with a distictive forray into florals--a hyper-constructed
short sleeve gladiator gal jacket with a striped "belt" at the waist. In a size 40. New With Tags, Originally Retailed for $2195, and available at Decadestwo for $1000. For further information or to purchase, please contact:

Chado by Ralph Rucci Pink Sequin Jacket

Ah, Chado . . . who knows what this word means? Well, it's a delicate and beautiful traditional Japanese tea ceremony, where matcha is prepared by a skilled practitioner and served, with light snacks, to a small group of guests. Chado is also one of our favorite fashion lines, courtesy of design guru Ralph Rucci. Allow us to present to you a Chado pink miniature sequined jacket, accented with white gossamer fringe detailing. A Chado for a chado, if you will. Approximately a size 6/8 and in mint condition! Priced at $1200. For further information or to purchase, please contact:

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

2 Chanel White Quilted Fanny Packs With Gold Chain Detail

We're such fans of the Gansta' Prep trend. It's like a ferocious blend of Run DMC and Caroline Kennedy, dig? Word. So here are our two favorite beatbox meets chicbox Chanel white quilted handbags with gold chain detail. Both are in mint condition and are priced at $800. For further information or to purchase, please contact: Holler. My Addidas.

Chanel Gold Camellia Hobo Handbag

The camellia japonica. . . this fab flower is also the city flower of Slidell, Lousiana, the state flower of Alabama, and the municipal flower of Chongqing, China and Shimane Prefecture, Japan. We understand why this beauty is an international fave and the house flower of Chanel as well. Here we see the their signature camellia printed in gold on a raffia Hobo Handbag. Delish. C'Mon, smell the . . . well . . . camellias. New With Tags, never carried and priced at $800. For further information or to purchase, please contact:

Chanel 2.55 Caviar Handbag

Ah caviar, that luxurious salted sturgeon roe, what a treat. Ah Chanel Caviar, our favorite delicacy of all, and available to you guys in a 2.55 bag. That's right, kittens. We posted the first 2.55 and you begged us for more. So, here ya go. A CHANEL 2.55 HANDBAG IN BLACK CAVIAR WITH SILVER CHAIN HANDLES circa 2006. Your welcome. Priced at $1250 and in MINT condition. For further information or to purchase, please contact: SOLD

Christian Louboutin Patent Leather Clutch Handbag

Christian Louboutin is an absolute genius. Fo' Sho'. We're already mad devotees of his platform heels, but now we just have to carry his clutches as well. Good lookin' and sooooooooo refined . . . We've got nothin' else. This handbag is it. Point Finale. Priced at $500. For further information or to purchase, please contact:

Chanel Lavender Quilted Handbag

Ok, so we live in SoCal . . . and, what can we say? We've got a hippie spirit at heart that just wants to take off into the woods, live in a yurt, meditate, knit, chant around a fire, and collect lavender to put in mason jars around our alternative dwelling. Until that happens, we'll just have to carry this Chanel quilted handbag with silver camellia hanging charm to remind us of our dream instead. Priced at $950. In mint condition! For further information or to purchase, please contact:

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Red Quilted Chanel Handbag

Better Red Than Dead! We don't know if we'd go underground and join the red army, but we'd go to an underground with the Chanel Army and we carry this red quilted purse as a symbol of our fashion liberation! VIVE LA DANCE REVOLUTION! Priced at $1050 and in mint condition!For further information or to purchase, please contact:

Judith Leiber Coral Lizard Handbag

We heart coral. We couldn't be more happy that this color trend has come and stayed! Besides, we love anything marine inspired. It reminds us of our "Under The Sea" themed prom. Anyhoo, we love mix trends with classics--so, this little Leiber number is perfect on every level. Crafted out of a coral lizard, this baby features golden metal chain handles, rococo le roi globe clasp, and interior grosgrain coin purse--soooooo cute! In mint condition and priced at $800! For further information or to purchase, please contact:

Chanel Pink Leather Camellia Handbag

Handbags holler back to prehistoric times, who knew? Handbags have been spotted as far back as icons in Egyptian hieroglyphics. We still like to walk like Egyptians, so we'll still rock a handbag like nobody's business. Take this Chanel baby for example: pink leather, gathering at the handles, camellia applique, we'd paint the town black, white & red allover, with this baby! In mint condition and priced at $650. For further information or to purchase, please contact:

Chanel Chunky Pearl Necklace

WE were already avid fans of the Cremaster Cycle, so needless to say we were foaming at our mouths for Drawing Restraint 9, the latest cinematic vetnure from art wunderkind Matthew Barney. The film, also a collaboration with his life partner Bjork, incorporates both haunting and beautiful elements such as flensing, the tea ceremony, and petroleum. One scene features a diving diver emergin from the icy depths, her mouth dripping with pearls. In honor of Barney's genius, we've chosen this Chanel chunky pearl necklace to showcase for you ladies. In mint condition and priced at $500. For further information or to purchase, please contact:

Chanel Gemstone Necklace

For those of those who didn't peel through Antonia Fraser's fascinating biography of the OG Teen Queen: Marie Antionette, we know you clocked Sophia Coppola's film version of the luscious livre. We believe in a certain kind of queendom here @ D2 to be sure however; it's one that can be enjoyed by all. So, drape yourself in gems--we suggest this Chanel large gem necklace with CC detail--buy a bunch of pastries, flowers, bow & ribbons and settle in. Let Us Eat Cake! In mint condition and available for $650! For further information or to purchase, please contact:

Erickson Beamon Vampire Chain & Leather Necklace

The sexiest movie ever, hands down, bar none, no questions asked, is The Hunger. Fo' Sho'. Catherine Denueve & David Bowie are leather clad vampires preying on their victims in underground New York nightclubs while Bauhaus performs behind a chain link fence. Ooph, we get hot just thinking about it. There's something of this Chanel silver necklace with black leather and silver "incisors" that reminds us of the dangerous Deneuve glamour. Oh, Chanel . . . we hunger for you. In mint condition and priced at $350.