Thursday, April 30, 2009


We heart handbags. In our opinions, no outfit is complete until its wearer has chosen her handbag. In fact, sometimes we build an entire ensemble around a bag of choice.

Truth be told, handbags as major fashion item is only a semi-recent trend. While Gucci and Fendi have always enjoyed a certain handbag caché, it was Balenciaga who kicked off the renaissance with the grouping of louche leather bags. Accented with metal hardware and crafted with bohemian long strand tassles and buckles, Balenciaga single-handly revived the handbag to cult status. Articles were published on the celebutantes who carry them. Waiting lists were created for next year's collection. Ardent admirers committed the Balenciaga colors per season to memory. And we were definitely card carrying members of the Balenciaga fan club. and still are. Which is why whenever a Balenciaga comes into the store that's super chic and delicious, we just have to tell about it. Afterall, we're pretty sure we've seen you at a few club meetings . . .

*Balenciaga Giant City bag. New without tags. Originally retailed for $1595 and priced at $1100.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Ah, Grey Gardens . . . our favorite docudrama focusing on the warped and wonderful lives of Big & Lil' Edie Bouvier Beale, cousins of Jackie O and Lee Radziwill. The beloved film spawned an adaption of the picture with Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore, which absolutely tickled us pink. So for this most recent blog posting, we've taken our cues from the OG prepcentrics and found us a fur worthy of blue bloods, drinking mint juleps and playing croquet with flamingos.

Miu Miu Grey Fur coat with leather trim and golden metal clasp closures. In a size 40. Priced at $6000.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Decadestwo is taking its show on the road! That's right ladies--from May 14-17th, D2 is setting up shop in the Big Apple with a private salon within Kiki de Montparnasse @ 79 Greene Street. After all, Kiki de Montparnasse with its elegant line of intimates, jewelry, home collections and bath & body brands is the perfect complement to the high-end wares of D2. How's that for one stop shopping!

Says Decadestwo co-owner Christos Garkinos "Our New York fans have been begging Decadestwo to come to the 'city' since we were founded 10 years ago. Although we are fashionably late, it will be so more than worth it. We love the space at Kiki and can't wait to pop-up!"

The D2 pop-up shop will feature a treasure trove of desinger duds hand-picked by Garkinos and co-owner Cameron Silver. The collection will showcase pieces by Chanel, Louis Vuittton, Chloé, Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs, Prada, Gucci and many more.

D2 will kick-off their New York tour with an exclusive launch party featuring the Decadestwo collection featuring pieces from the closets of celebrity consignors such as Julianne Moore, Selma Blair, Rachel Zoe, Monet Mazur, Lisa Rinna and Garcelle Beauvais. A portion of the evening's proceeds will benefit the Ruth Ellis House in Detroit, MI. On May 15-16th, the pop-up will open its doors to appointment-only shopping for existing east coast clients. On May, 17th--the pop-up will be open to the public at large. We expect to see you there, ladies. Like barbarians at the gate.


The gang @ decadestwo

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Monday, April 27, 2009


L'Orange . . . Hermes' signature color. Orange is one of the newest colors to spring up in the West--in fact, it wasn't until the 16th century that the yellow-red mix even had a name. Derived from the Sanskrit nāranja meaning orange fruit, the color was adopted by the French house in the 1940s as a symbol of the houses divergent flair. In the 21st centruy orange still remains a powerful color representing spirtuality, vibrance and warmth--all atributes we want to possess. Espceially if the orange comes surrounding a little box, wrapped with a brown ribbon, to carry a Cape Cod PM watch. Orange ya glad we said Hermes?

Hermes Cape Cod PM watch. Swiss-made with stainless stell case, silvered dial and black calf double wrap bracelet strap. In mint condition. Retails for $1850. Priced at $1400.

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Thursday, April 23, 2009


These shoes were made for walking and that's just what they'll do. One of these days these shoes are gonna . . . Ok, ok we know the song is about boots. But these Balenciaga heels really are made for being seen. Crafted with an intricate lacquered heel, these sexy strappy numbers are the kind of shoe a girl buys to be kept on even when the rest of her ensemble might have found its way off. Oh, relax. You know you love it.

*Balenciaga black patent leather shoes with lacquered heel. In a size 39. New in box. Originally retailed for $1795 and priced at $540.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Remember your good old pal ROY G BIV? It's time to give the ole boy a call cuz nothing but nothing spells out springtime joy like dipping into the primary color pool. That's right Mary. This season think monochromatic dressing in uber hues. It's colorful cocktail chic to take you somewhere over the rainbow, way up high . . .

*Oscar de La Renta Fall 2008 purple ruffle cocktail dress. ina size 6. New with tags. Originally retailed for $2390. Priced at $850.

**Marc Jacobs petal silk dress. In a size 2. Priced at $450.

***Zac Posen pleated silk dress. New with tags. Priced at $350.

****Oscar De La Renta Resort 2008 orange halter dress. New with tags. Priced at $760.

*****Prada blue off-the-shoulder cocktail dress. in a size 38. Priced at $600

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


. . . ONLY!!!!!!!
That's right ladies: on Saturday, April 25th, we'll be taking 20% off everything in the store.
E V E R Y T H I N G.
Oh, and we'll be extending our store hours from 10-6 as well.
So, basically we'll be seeing you bright and early on Saturday morning, no?
The Gang @ D2

Monday, April 20, 2009


One of our favorite trends for Spring/Summer 2009 is a retro-inspired look for sure. The eighties are back in full effect, bigger and brighter and better than ever. Except that we're not talking about your architectural eighties power suit with football shoulders of the Wall Street era; nor are we referencing a bubble-gum pop princess Tiffany-meets-Debbie-meets-Susanna look of Teen Steam.

As of late, designers have been turning to the Bowery, to Miami Vice, to Liquid Sky for inspiration. It's midnight at the Mudd Club as far their concerned and they're looking for Tad Allagash to spice up the party. This spring take it back to the LES, Desperately-Seeking-Susan style. Girl, you have got to get into the groove . . .

*Ghita cut-out dress with silver gem details. In a size 4. Priced at $450.
**Herve Leger rust colored bandage dress. In a size small. Priced at $500.

***Gianfranco Ferre white cotton cropped jacket. In a size 38. Priced at $550.

****Proenza Schouler satin tank. New with tags. Originally retailed for $1125. Priced at $200

*****Balmain red animal printed jeans with front seam. Approximately a size 6. Priced at $995.

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Thursday, April 16, 2009


Marni, Marni, Marni . . . we lovedy-dove marni and its quirky-meets-architectural approach to dressing. Its sexy, in a smart and understated way. In a science geek who makes her own kombucha, loves geodesic domes and listens to the Misfits kinda way. We love a Marni girl and we love her creatrix, Consuello Castiglioni, who helms the boho brand for intellectuals.

In 1994, Castiglioni first started her label, after designing fur coats. In typical Castiglioni fashion, the designer turned fur from its staid old-fashioned shapes and revamped the material into something modern, that could translate easily into pieces for young women. To this day, Marni maintains Catiglioni's algorithm for avant-garde aesthetics and seemlessly blends form and function leaning on colorblocking and bell-hemline elements of yore (Marimekko anyone?) blended with hyper-technological draping and asymmetry.

Perfect for the girl who's completing a residency in a Schindler house to the girls whose showing her sculptures somewhere in Marfa, Marni clothes are the clothes for the girls you just can't help but root for. So, we've chosen a few pieces for our girls. So everyone, yes, everyone can root for you too!

*Marni printed kimono 3/4 sleeve coat. In a size 44--approximately a US size 8/10. Priced at $450

**Marni colorblocked cloud dress. In a size 40--approximately a US 6. New with tags. Retailed for $895. Priced at $300.

***Marni plaid ruffle dress with raw edging. In a size small--probably a sample. Priced at $250.

****Marni metallic slate ruffled and gathered dress. In a size small--probably a smaple. Priced at $250

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Silver medal winners--that's what these items all are. There's something about silver that we love come warmer months. There's something about how the sun hits the the little buggers as we're sashaying across the boardwalk or catching a cocktail at HWOOD that reminds us of the glitz and glamour we've come to know and love as Los Angeles style.

*Commes Des Garcons sequin dress. In a size small. Priced at $750.

**Alberta Ferretti silver dress with sequin and embroidered details. In a size 4. Priced at $670.

***Derek Lam silver sequin top. In a size 42. New with tags. Retailed for $1773. Priced at $570.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Our last Marni post got us thinking: what does a modern woman really want, at least as far as her wardrobe is concerned? I mean, we have to narrow it down. We can't be answering all of the questions that have plagued womankind since the dwan of time . . . and what we came up, is that ultra modern variant of neccessity and that's variety. A modern wants options. She wants to be able to dress it up and dress it down. she wants a wardrobe that will be able to cater cater to every whim, not lock her into any specific aethetic, all the being able to maintain her own personal sense of style. We get it. Sometimes we want to be enveloped in some massive cloud billowing commes des garcons frock so architecturally draped, it might as well be designed by Frank Gehry and sometimes we want to sport Leger--we're feeling minimal, Neutra if you will. All comparisons to Los Angeles architecture aside, we often think about how we can show women different options that will work for our girls in the boardroom to our girls sluggin it out on set. And the thing we know is this, what women want are clothes that will make them feel great, are constructed perfectly and offer them as many options as are available to them in life. so, that's why we picked this uber sexy, uber strict but slightly playful and totally luxe Tom Ford era YSL suit. A gal can break it--wearing just the jacket with a pair of skinnies for night or she can wear the skirt with a conservative cardigan for day or she can rock both pieces whenever and where she wants to go. You know it!

*Yves Saint Laurent~collector's piece~skirt suit with rouching and velvet trim. In a size 36. New with tags. Priced at $870.

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Monday, April 13, 2009


Nuits D'été--Summer Nights 2008, one of our favorite Chanel shows to date. The collection fused classic fifties and sixties americana (models clad in denim, denim and more denim mixed with starts-and-stripes prints marched down the runway to the tune of the Ronettes Be My Baby). But for all of the US of A inspiration, the French house wasn't quite ready to pick up and shop and permanently move to the States. Rather, the red, white and blue nod was tempered with classic Chanel staples one might expect from the luxury brand, such as borrowed-from-the boys tailoring, evening wear crafted in Moulin Rouge organza with lingerie detailing, garments dripping with pearls, chains, and other metallic jewelry details, and the house's signature fabric bouclé. Periodically, we get in pieces from this seminal collection and the one above is one of our faves. O, Say can you see . . .

* Chanel Spring 2008 boucle dress with dripping chain detail. In a size 42. Priced at $3500.

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Friday, April 03, 2009


ah Jeanne Lanvin--one of the most influential designer's of the turn of the century and fashion houses of the 21st. Lanvin has always been known for its delicate manipulation of fabrics, technological advacnes in dying and textile manufacturing. In 1909, Jeanne was accepted as a member of the Syndicat de la Couture, which served to solidify her status as a couturiére. After the her death and later the death of her daughter, who had helmed the brand after her mother passed, the house was shuttled to-and-fro and without a captain to direct its efforts, fell out of fashion's favor.

Almost 100 years later, Alber Elbaz, revived the brand, by hybridizing Lanvin's signature intricate craftsmanship and deco styling with modern razor pleating and single seamed dresses. No matter what the decade though, we're fans. Big big fans. Like, covered completely in Arpege fans.

*Lanvin navy velvet dress. In a size miedum and priced at $1270.

Lanvin navy silk satin column dress. in a size 38. New with tags. Retailed for 42580. Priced at $1000.

***Lanvin charcoal jersey dress. In a size 40. New with tags. Priced for $1095.

****Lanvin navy grosgrain dress. New with tags. In a size 38. Priced at $1500.



Star Sign: Virgo

Pulled from the shelves and flipping through: Moby Dick, Dark Night of the Soul, The Confidence Man

Can Be Seen At: Arcosanti

Wouldn't Be Caught Dead: In a fire

Staff Pick: Stella McCartney jade dress.
Et Pourquois: Nothing makes me happier than greek week apparel. I love anything that looks like it just popped out of an OVID poem. There's something to feeling like a greek goddess while slurping noodles at Mr. Ramen or eating chocolate cream pie at Phillipe's.
Stella McCartney jade dress. In a size 6. Priced at $1240.
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We heart superheros--the Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Motoko Sukanagi! Offhand, we can't help but wonder what a modern day fashion superhero would look like? What would her superpowers be? Immediate production of chic creations out of thin air? Eliminating the world of bare midriffs with a snap of her fingers? Transforming salads into champagne? Turning rags into gowns complete with a pair of glass slippers? Oh wait, that's Cinderella's grandmother . . . Anyhoo, we do know that no superhero ensemble is complete without a cape. So that's why we've picked this Chado cape for our girls, who consider our superheros. Whether they're decked to nine's at the opera or fighting fashion crimes at the 3rd Street Promenade, we've got our girl ready for anything that comes her way. POW!

*Chado silk satin lavender tiered cape. In a size medium. In mint condition. Priced at $370.

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We know, we know--what could be more predictable that flowers for Spring? But these aren't the wilted good-girl frocks of yesteryear. Oh, no! Rather, this spring get into flower power in graphic bold prints with structured sheaths with peek-a-boo detailing. Grannies Gone Wild!
*Comme Des Garcons floral dress. In a size small. New with tags and retailed for $1650. Priced at $650.
**Oscar De La RentaFall 2008 floral sheath. in a size 6. New without tags. Priced at $950.
***Zac Posen graphic sheer dress. In a size 4. Priced at $250.
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