Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Our last Marni post got us thinking: what does a modern woman really want, at least as far as her wardrobe is concerned? I mean, we have to narrow it down. We can't be answering all of the questions that have plagued womankind since the dwan of time . . . and what we came up, is that ultra modern variant of neccessity and that's variety. A modern wants options. She wants to be able to dress it up and dress it down. she wants a wardrobe that will be able to cater cater to every whim, not lock her into any specific aethetic, all the being able to maintain her own personal sense of style. We get it. Sometimes we want to be enveloped in some massive cloud billowing commes des garcons frock so architecturally draped, it might as well be designed by Frank Gehry and sometimes we want to sport Leger--we're feeling minimal, Neutra if you will. All comparisons to Los Angeles architecture aside, we often think about how we can show women different options that will work for our girls in the boardroom to our girls sluggin it out on set. And the thing we know is this, what women want are clothes that will make them feel great, are constructed perfectly and offer them as many options as are available to them in life. so, that's why we picked this uber sexy, uber strict but slightly playful and totally luxe Tom Ford era YSL suit. A gal can break it--wearing just the jacket with a pair of skinnies for night or she can wear the skirt with a conservative cardigan for day or she can rock both pieces whenever and where she wants to go. You know it!

*Yves Saint Laurent~collector's piece~skirt suit with rouching and velvet trim. In a size 36. New with tags. Priced at $870.

For further information or to purchase, please contact: lizzy@decadestwo.com

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