Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Remember your good old pal ROY G BIV? It's time to give the ole boy a call cuz nothing but nothing spells out springtime joy like dipping into the primary color pool. That's right Mary. This season think monochromatic dressing in uber hues. It's colorful cocktail chic to take you somewhere over the rainbow, way up high . . .

*Oscar de La Renta Fall 2008 purple ruffle cocktail dress. ina size 6. New with tags. Originally retailed for $2390. Priced at $850.

**Marc Jacobs petal silk dress. In a size 2. Priced at $450.

***Zac Posen pleated silk dress. New with tags. Priced at $350.

****Oscar De La Renta Resort 2008 orange halter dress. New with tags. Priced at $760.

*****Prada blue off-the-shoulder cocktail dress. in a size 38. Priced at $600

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