Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Versace Black Patchwork Handbag

Oh, Donatella . . . even though we hail from the east coast and usually can be found sporting some vintage prepster hermes-ish garb, you satisfy some deep longing within us to dye our hair platinum blond, pump-up our girls, shimmy into the tightest brightest number we can find, and not take no for an answer. We just can't keep from loving you. And that goes double for this Versace handbag. Crafted using crocodile, pony, and leather skins, this super sexy handbag has that signature Versace I'll-Double-Cheek-Kiss-You-But-Don't-F-With-Me style. Available for $1900 and in mint condition! Circa 2007!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Roger Vivier Crocodile Tote Handbag

Vive Le Vivier. Roger Vivier, that is. Creator of the Stiletto heel, Vivier's creation's can be seen in museums the world over--such as the Met, the Louvre & the Victoria & Albert Museum. Ava Gardner, Queen Elizabeth and the BEATLES are Vivier fans. And so are we. So, we wanted to showcase a Vivier creation--notihing caught our eye more than this super devine green crocodile francophile handbag. In mint condition, Retailed for $18,000 and priced at d2 for $4800. SOLD

Revillon Quilted Puffy Coat

Use the Force, Rick . . . and use the force Mr. Owens did when creating this coat for Revillon. Perfect for foraging through the snowy tundra, on your trusty TaunTaun, ready to fight the dark side or for cocktails with the girls on blustery Fall nights. Either/or. Crafted from a grey shantung silk, this quilted puffer is the best for mad max style metropolitan mayhem, mmmmmmmkay! In a US 6 and priced at D2 for the ridiculous tundrastry of $800!

Yves Saint Laurent Black Leather Blazer

Leave it to Yves . . . or really Stefano Pilati, to take the ultimate staple of American cool--the black leather jacket--and then make it even more fabulous (and slightly euro), by giving it a sexy fitted cut, large overlock hand-stitched trim and linen lining visable on the collar's insets. In mint condition and priced at $400. The size tag is missing but this guy is approximately a US 6. SOLD

Chanel Spring 2005 Black Lace Peignoir

Ok: it's Chanel. Black Lace. See-Through. If you don't know why you need this number, little missy, then ask your lovah. What more can we say? Hopefully, not much more exposition is necessary. From the Spring 2005 collection, this precious peignoir is accented with sheer matte silk trim. New With Tags and priced at $1835 and available at D2 for $1100!

Rick Owens Thigh-High Boots with Shagreen Soles

Ah, shagreen . . . our favorite type of leather. Originally crafted from an onager (fancy word for wild ass, tee hee), shagreen is now commonly made from sharks and stingrays. The word itself derives from the French word chagrin which means anxiety; this is, no doubt, a reference to the rough granular surface of the skin. I like that shagreen in particular is often the hyde of choice for the handles of swords and daggers, as the rasping surface is preferable in a duel to a slippery surface, for obvious reasons. We like to think that it's this danger element to what is normally considered an elegant material that allured Mr. Owens into creating these boots. Crafted using a signature Owens black leather, these thigh-high or scrunched-low numbers have the most decadent shagreen soles. In a size 40 and in mint condition. Available for $950.

CHANEL Fall 2006 Red Boucle Toggle Coat s40

You can find fashion inspiration in the unlikeliest of places, if ya just keep your eyes open. Don't believe us . . . well, check this out. I was reading the story of Paddington Bear (dont' laugh Mary, this bear was wearing wellies long before Sienna or Ms. Moss) to my friend's baby girl when it hit me: toggle coats are THE FALL coat of choice. And that's when it hit me again: WE HAVE LE MIEUX IN THE STORE! From Chanel's Fall 2006 collection and in a size 40, this super chic red boucle toggle coat also features inverted knife pleats on the sleeves. In mint condition and priced at $1400! SOLD!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Nice Beauty Case

Is there anything more sexy, more mysterious, more laden with danger and intrigue and adventure than a train ride? We think not. We're obsessed with trains and everything train. We've started having cocktails at union Station, forsaking the car for life on the rails . . . and frankly, what better than to don one of Miuccia's 1940s Prada skirt suits and pack up our beauty aids and unmentionables in this signature Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Nice Beauty Case. Accented with natural cowhide trim, interior mirror and pockets galore, shoulder strap and golden metal hardware, this baby is so chic classique. Originally retails for $1800 and priced at D2 for $1200. In excellent condition. For further information or topurchase, please contact: thegang@decadestwo.com SOLD

Gucci Patchwork Scarf Dress

Ok so we missed it: Woodstock and the Summer Of Love, descending down on to Yasgur's farm with over 500,000 of our flower children brethern and sistren. Weaving daisy chains, tuning in and tuning out . . . ah, so righteous, man. Well, at least we can still groove out with this Gucci patchwork signature scarf dress with lace detailing. We'd pair it with a pair of green wellies and hop a plane to the Glastonbury Festival. What can we say . . . dancing in field makes us feel free to be, you and me. In mint condition. Originally retailed for 3000 euros--approximately $3900 US dollars. Approximately a size 6. Priced at D2 for $1500. For further information or to purchase, please contact: thegang@decadestwo.com

Prada White Label Grommet Jacket NWT

Ok, Miuccia Prada could take over the world if she wanted to. For real. The lady has a PhD in Political Science, mmmmmmmkay? So, in 2008 my vote's for Miuccia. Her slogan can be "Gotta Prada--Saving The World to Dress It!". Especially in this piece of gorgeousness. From the Prada White Label collection, this jazzy jacket is completely studded with golden metal grommets, accented at the edging with metal studs and grosgrain ribbon detail and features a wrap belt at the waist with black leather whip-stitching details. New With Tags, Originally Retailed for $9310 and in pristine condition! Available at Decadestwo for $4000. For further information or to purchase, please contact: thegang@decadestwo.com

Martin Grant Red Patent Leather Coat

Sweet Lady Jane . . . Fonda that is. Love her. Love her. Love her. Love the movies. Love the exercise tapes. Love the up-in-arms protesting. Loved the tell-all book. She can do no wrong. My fave Fonda flick has to be Klute. As Bree Daniels, a call-girl caught in a steamy romance with Donald Sutherland and then on the run from a "John", who just may have tried to kill her, Fonda gives it to us and then some. So, for big girls who still like to play dress up, here's a little something you might have picked out in Bree's wardrobe. The chicest-ever red patent leather short sleeve coat by uber designer Martin Grant. In a size Medium. New With Tags, Originally retailed for $2375 and in pristine condition! Priced at $1275. For futher information or to purchase, please contact: thegang@decadestwo.com

Chanel Cruise 2000 Gold Leather Jacket

Let's talk Gold, shall we . . . here's the list of things we love about Gold:

  • The Rush of '49 (we're in SoCal afterall)

  • "Au"--it's our favorite element in the periodic chart

  • Madonna's gold tooth circa mid-nineties

  • Eddie Murphy & The Golden Child

  • Gold Buoillon--better then broth

  • Gold Nuggets--better then chicken

  • Olympic Gold

  • The basis of the monetary standard as set by the IMF & The Bank of International Settlements

  • and last but not least, this Chanel Cruise 2000 size 44 patchwork gold leather jacket with zip front closure. In mint condition and priced at $1500. For further information or to purchase, please contact: thegang@decadestwo.com

Chloe Gold Belted Waist Jacket s38

Girl, we are fans of 54 . . . curly-haired boys on roller skates and short shorts, Baryshnikov and Bianca in the basement, the man in the moon with the spoon . . . good times, lady. If we can't go back in time, at least we can revist those super shiny, warholian fantasy meets candyland days with disco inspired dress. And nuthin' takes us back quite as far on the dance floor than this Chloe gold lame jacket with a belted waist. In a size 38 and never worn! Available at d2 for $500. For futher information or to purchase, please contact: thegang@decadestwo.com