Friday, August 29, 2008


D2 Staffer: Me Me Me!
Birthsign: Virgo (Today is my birthday! Throw your hands up for August 29th!)
Currently Spinning On My Record Player: Francoise Hardy, The Tubes, Amma~Old is Gold
Pick: Ralph Lauren Black Crocodile "Ricky" Handbag***
Fall 2008 Trend: Country Life
Best Country Mouse Moment: Gardening with my parents at their country house in the Hamptons. There's something about this handbag that reminds me of throwing my grandfather's old sweaters around my shoulders with my mother's gigantic sunglasses on my head, piling into the Volvo station wagon with my brother and running over to Round Swamp Farm to pick out fresh peach & raspberry pies.
Favorite Ricky's: Ricky Ricardo, Ricky Lee Jones, Richard "The Rickster" Schroeder
***Ralph Lauren Black Crocodile Ricky Handbag finished with Italian Hardware--Originally retailed for $16,995 and Priced at $5500. for further information or to purchase, please contact: SOLD

Friday, August 15, 2008

DECADESTWO 8.8.08 Shoes for $88 SALE!

Well, ladies . . . as you know, we had a sale last Friday to help fight Prop 8. Let's recap from last week's episode: Like Barbarians at the gate, you ladies lined it up PRIOR to 8am . . . We packed the shelves with Manolos, Marcs, Louboutins & Louis's ripe for the picking . . .

You ladies came, you saw, you conquered . . .

Alas, an empty battlefield . . . the sole survivors.

Thanks to all who came--we had such a great time! Enjoy your shoes in good health . . .
Love or what you will,
the Decadestwo Gang

Sunday, August 03, 2008


Name: Megan Anton

Birthsign: Aries

Currently Spinning on her Record Player: Parachutes & Ladders, Fleetwood Mac, & No Age

Pick: Balenciaga Military Blazer

Fall 2008 Trend: Borrowed From The Boys

Did You Ever Dig Through Your Big Brother's Closet: Oh yeah! I used to grab his one piece workman's suit in the nineties!

Must Have Accessory For Fall: Chanel lace thigh-high stockings

One Thing To Ditch Come Colder Months: Fur Bikinis

***Balenciaga Military Blazer as photographed is available in a size 40 and priced at $1500. For further information or to purchase, please contact:


Recently I was sitting back, having a chat with my girlfriends about our current muses and it seems that the one name on the tip of all our tongues was Lee Bontecou. Bontecou, a sculptor, was a Fulbright scholar in the fifties who showed her wares at the famed Leo Castelli gallery in New York in the sixties (whose walls incidentally were also hung with the likes of Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns and Andy Warhol). After a period of relative obscurity in the eighties and nineties, a retrospective held in 2003 at Los Angeles' Hammer Museum brought Bontecou's creations back into the left coast zeitgeist.

Inspired by Bontecou's early work, which consisted of welded steel, wire and fabric in geomteric patterns, I've chosen this Lanvin handbag as the handbag to carry for Fall. Crafted in a mud-colored thick textured leather, this handbag features lucite handles and steel hardware and is reminiscent of Bontecou's natural palate molded into futuristic shapes. Here's to Lee. And Lanvin! Priced at $1000. Please contact: for further information or to purchase.


This Friday, we cordially invite you to our 8.8.08 @ $88 Shoe Sale. Heels, Flats, Wedges, Sandals, Stilettos . . . you name 'em, they're flying of the racks for $88 each. That's right. All your favorites including Marc, Guiseppe, Christian . . . Goodness, it sounds like we're setting up a kissing booth for you ladies. Except at $88 a pair, the shoe sale is even better. And did I mention that 10% of the proceeds are going to Lambda Legal to say Hell No, We Won't Go on PROP 8? And did I mention that we're opening at 8am and going until 8pm? That's right, Mama. See you in the am!

postscript: check out our coverage in the la times!,0,1624734.story

postpostscript: AND, we made the front page of!