Friday, November 10, 2006

Judith Leiber

As dressing for the evening can sometimes lead to a emotional meltdown, while you riffle through the stacks of bags, dresses and shoes that are strewn through your yet to be professionally re-done wardrobe simplicity may be the one thing that saves you. You should have a go-to evening clutch that no matter the occasion will always stand you in a league of your own. Why carry the 'it-bag' when you can carry a bag that 'it' only wishes 'it' could be.

That's why, this Judith Leiber clutch will answer your prayers. Made of black snake skin with an elaborate leaf motif diamante closure this bag is it. Intact with comb, mirror and change purse this bag is in pristine condition. Priced at $765, the credit card company will not be calling you either. A good option. Buy Leiber, buy a following. Everyone will want to follow the style you command. SOLD

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Tulle Madness

It is gravely unfair of me to try and write a blog worthy of this evening gown. It must be seen in person to garner the full effect of the artistry that has gone into creating this tulle masterpiece. No matter what the event, or situation, you are sure to be the belle of the ball if you step out of the backseat and walk through the doors of hallowed halls in this gorgeous Christian Dior boutique gown.

NWT strapless tulle gown can be seen from three angles below. It originally was sold for $13,000 however here at Decades Two, where we always try to give you the best for less it is priced at $6,010. It is a size 6 and will make who ever wear it feel like a million dollars. What else could a shopper want in a gown.

I truly suggest if you are interested in this gown to see it for yourself as it will blow you away. For further information or to purchase this gown please contact

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Dior Trench Coat.

Wearing a leather trench coat is no easy feat. You do not want to look too 'Withnail and I' and you do not want to appear too burnt out rock 'n roller. So making the selection is a tricky and calculated procedure. Color, fit and quality of the leather should all play an important part in choosing the jacket that you are going to eventually wear with pride.

Christian Dior, makes this decision a little easier. This Lambskin leather trench coat is both classically inspired and modernly updated for a feminine touch to an otherwise overbearingly masculine garment. Priced at $860 and a size 6 this coat needs to sit on the shoulders of the right woman.

As you can see in the detail, there is soft stitching on this buttery coat which softens the dark color and attitude of this trench. The leather is so soft that I would almost rather wrap myself up in this coat and hang out by the fire at home than wear it out in the winter. But, alas, that is just me. Have a trip to a frostier city coming up? Are you into the layering trend? Then this coat will probably serve you well as an alternative to much heavier over sized winter coats you might be buying at the moment.

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Paco Rabanne

I have always thought a healthy interest in the army was good for children, a convicted passion when you are grown might just be wrong. If the adult is not enrolled in the services. However this fall most designers more than embraced their interest in the army. Not the army of today, all computer aided battles, but the army of yesteryear, when marching meant 5 days to go 50 miles and horses pulled mounted guns behind them.

From Spring and Summer 2006, Paco Rabanne gave his interpretation of the classic style military coat as worn by generals, admirals, and soldiers alike. A red coat of white. NWT and unworn this grosgrain size 42 jacket is just a really cool piece. It closes with multiple hooks and eyes and is lightweight enough to wear in the summer but also could add just the right amount of warmth for your winter white wardrobe. In the right city of course. It is priced at $960.

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Carolina Herrera

For every time you think you need to have a Reese or Renee moment you have to turn to the UES's lady du jour per semper...Carolina Herrera.

Her style is unmistakable and with the opening of her new boutique recently in LA on Melrose Place, there is sure to be an even greater rush on the splendid pieces she sends down the runway each season. Certainly it take a specific type of woman to wear her creations, but if you are the right culprit you will do them justice and they will do you justice in return.

From Spring 2006, this navy and black silk jacquard trench coat style evening gown answers your every ballroom dream. Casual and un-fussy yet dramatic and sure to cause a commotion upon the sounding of your name. At Decades Two New With Tags! dead stock it is a size 6 dress. It originally was on sale for $6,995. When you shop with us at Decades Two it is priced at $2510. The pleasure is all ours.

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While Europe became famous in the 18th century for its masterful creations in the world of fabric, wonders such as brocade made costume and dress such an elaborate procedure that only the wealthiest of the wealthy could adorn themselves with these woven masterpieces. Brocade has always been a statement in craft work, and been the basis for some of the most magnificent designs ever.

When Miuccia Prada began to employ the mills of Italy to create elaborate Brocade for her collections, the fasheratti of the world went ga-ga of gold. As such this dress below is a classic and timeless reminder that you can always be a little more dressed up than the occasion calls for, and you can always have finery whether royalty or not.

Prada, Brocade cocktail dress. Bejeweled neckline adds extra sparkle to the already breathtaking dress. Size 40 and priced at $635. This piece is worth every penny.

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Leonard Wrap

Known for prints of course, these modern incarnations of the decades old Fashion House are perfect must have dresses that can work all year round. A strong sense of self is advisable, and desire to stand out because these prints certainly catch attention.

This knee length halter wrap dress is a great dress that can be worn throughout much of the year. The floral pattern on the back background pops off the dress and is eye catching and beautiful. The halter falls into a racer back accentuating the shoulder blades. It is a size 4 and is priced at $610.

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Louis Vuitton Party Dress

Since the day Marc Jacobs began designing the LV line of clothing, it has considerably improved in quality and design. Each season the runway presentation is a smorgasboard of eye candy and well designed garments. Whether it is for the male or female clientele, the product is made to the most luxurious of standards.

With this in mind, why not try on this Louis Vuitton dark coral dress. It is made of moss crepe and has chiffon detailins on the shoulders and upper arms. The sweet short sleeves and ruffled collar are adorable and the color is terrific. Priced at $810 and sized 38 this dress needs to be in your wardrobe!

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Hermes Gilet

When one thinks of tradition, glamour, prestige, and status, there is no designer, no house, no brand that speaks more volumes than Hermes. Founded in 1837 as a saddlery company, the house has come a long way since its Equine beginnings. Below is a crisp offering in the form of a gilet. It's perfect for a weekend on the yacht, or hanging around the polo field. Maybe you could wear it for a weekend at the beach or if you just are potting about town running menial errands. In any of these cases you can rest assured that no one is quite as chic as thee!

Hermes, 4 pocket white cotton and linen mix gilet with leather detailing.. Size 38, priced at $560.

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