Friday, November 10, 2006

Tulle Madness

It is gravely unfair of me to try and write a blog worthy of this evening gown. It must be seen in person to garner the full effect of the artistry that has gone into creating this tulle masterpiece. No matter what the event, or situation, you are sure to be the belle of the ball if you step out of the backseat and walk through the doors of hallowed halls in this gorgeous Christian Dior boutique gown.

NWT strapless tulle gown can be seen from three angles below. It originally was sold for $13,000 however here at Decades Two, where we always try to give you the best for less it is priced at $6,010. It is a size 6 and will make who ever wear it feel like a million dollars. What else could a shopper want in a gown.

I truly suggest if you are interested in this gown to see it for yourself as it will blow you away. For further information or to purchase this gown please contact

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