Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Paco Rabanne

I have always thought a healthy interest in the army was good for children, a convicted passion when you are grown might just be wrong. If the adult is not enrolled in the services. However this fall most designers more than embraced their interest in the army. Not the army of today, all computer aided battles, but the army of yesteryear, when marching meant 5 days to go 50 miles and horses pulled mounted guns behind them.

From Spring and Summer 2006, Paco Rabanne gave his interpretation of the classic style military coat as worn by generals, admirals, and soldiers alike. A red coat of white. NWT and unworn this grosgrain size 42 jacket is just a really cool piece. It closes with multiple hooks and eyes and is lightweight enough to wear in the summer but also could add just the right amount of warmth for your winter white wardrobe. In the right city of course. It is priced at $960.

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