Thursday, November 02, 2006


While Europe became famous in the 18th century for its masterful creations in the world of fabric, wonders such as brocade made costume and dress such an elaborate procedure that only the wealthiest of the wealthy could adorn themselves with these woven masterpieces. Brocade has always been a statement in craft work, and been the basis for some of the most magnificent designs ever.

When Miuccia Prada began to employ the mills of Italy to create elaborate Brocade for her collections, the fasheratti of the world went ga-ga of gold. As such this dress below is a classic and timeless reminder that you can always be a little more dressed up than the occasion calls for, and you can always have finery whether royalty or not.

Prada, Brocade cocktail dress. Bejeweled neckline adds extra sparkle to the already breathtaking dress. Size 40 and priced at $635. This piece is worth every penny.

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