Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Dior Trench Coat.

Wearing a leather trench coat is no easy feat. You do not want to look too 'Withnail and I' and you do not want to appear too burnt out rock 'n roller. So making the selection is a tricky and calculated procedure. Color, fit and quality of the leather should all play an important part in choosing the jacket that you are going to eventually wear with pride.

Christian Dior, makes this decision a little easier. This Lambskin leather trench coat is both classically inspired and modernly updated for a feminine touch to an otherwise overbearingly masculine garment. Priced at $860 and a size 6 this coat needs to sit on the shoulders of the right woman.

As you can see in the detail, there is soft stitching on this buttery coat which softens the dark color and attitude of this trench. The leather is so soft that I would almost rather wrap myself up in this coat and hang out by the fire at home than wear it out in the winter. But, alas, that is just me. Have a trip to a frostier city coming up? Are you into the layering trend? Then this coat will probably serve you well as an alternative to much heavier over sized winter coats you might be buying at the moment.

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