Thursday, January 25, 2007

Chanel Autumn 2003

Always a classic, always coveted, always necessary owning a Chanel Blazer is like a rite of passage in the life of a young woman or lady. Sometimes it is tough to part with such a stack of dollars and so DecadesTwo wants to make it easier for you. Keep you in the loop and also give you the chance to own a little bit of the Coco Chanel dream, after all she wanted fashion to be available to all. As do we at Decades.

Chanel, New With Tags, Autumn 2003 size 34 wool Boucle jacket in cream with Navy mohair detailing and fully lined in silk. Originally priced at $2755 and now available at D2 for $1560.

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Chanel Spring 2004

A little bit of Boho and a little bit of chic, throw them together and you get Chanic!
That is exactly what this little blouse is all about. Boho, Chanel and Chic this blouse is the perfect little number to cruise around the pool in over your bikini, or to throw on with some jeans and heels for a night on the town.

Made of ivory silk with wool boucle modesty panel over the breasts, the blouse is slouchy and comfy. Woven with matching ivory and black silk ribbon that fall from the cuffs and both the higher and lower modesty panels.

Chanel, New With Tags from Spring 2004 and size 36. Originally priced at $5080 and available at DecadesTwo for $2505.

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Chanel Spring 2006

If you want to make a splash this award season, but don't have an excuse to really go out and get all dressed up because you are not nominated short is probably the way to go. Even for the VF party. Particularly if you do not care to spend an arm and a leg on the dress you buy, you really need to think of DecadesTwo as your second closet, and let us help you discover what you can wear.

This impeccable Chanel dress from the Spring 2006 collection is in pristine condition. It is a gorgeous piece of craftsmanship and design. With snowdrift like embroidery it is heavily jeweled and encrusted.

Originally it retailed for $12,000 but here at DecadesTwo it is priced at $4800. If a cocktail dress is what you are looking for then you should look no further. Size 38.

As shown on the runway:

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Andrew Gn Autumn and Winter 2006

When the time comes to dress to impress, take your furs out of the fridge and get out the door in a jiffy suiting is always the way to go. Suiting plus fur trim is even better and even more refined. This is what I would like to call a Conservative congregation jacket to be worn at services in London or New York. Yes it is real fur, and sure it might be a little over the top, but trust me when I tell you every wife will be jealous and pounding on their husbands chest saying please, please, please.

Andrew Gn, New With Tags, A/W 2006, Grey tweed blazer trimmed on the collar and cuffs with Grey/silver Chinchilla. Size medium (M). Originally priced at $9368 it is available at DecadesTwo for $3289. The clasped closure on the front is decorated with a Russian inspired detail of beading and sequin work.

As shown on the catwalk below, jacket and skirt sold as separates:

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Nina Ricci Fall 2006

As I seem to be posting a lot of black lately, I thought this trench coat, playing with the concepts of volume, ever popular this season, would be a good addition. Really harking back to the silhouettes of the late 50s when women wore coats like this by Dior and other Parisian couturiers over their day dresses, this modern creation is again timeless. The fall of the shoulders softens the female frame while the exaggerated hips add womanly curve to the lady hidden below.

Finished with a bow in front and Greek Vase inspired buttons this trench is magnificent.

Nina Ricci, New With Tags from Fall 2006 collection, a black taffeta trench coat size 38. Originally priced at $2890 it is available from DecadesTwo for $1020.

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Lanvin Hiver 2006 Top-Coat

The look of Alber, is so subtle. Captured in this coat is every highwayman nuance morphed into a delicately feminine coat. Worn slightly over sized in a medium weight silk, the fall of the coat is conscious of the body under it and comfortable to wear. Ending just above the knee it is a perfect length to pair with a shorter mini dress or even a full length skirt if you really want to hit the right 19th Century chord.

Lanvin, NWT, Winter 2006, black silk top coat. Originally retailed for $3105 and available at Decades for $1095. It is a size 38. SOLD

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Jimmy Choo Snakeskin Ross

Owning a skin bag goes anywhere from your everyday leather all the way up to graduation with an Hermes Croco Kelly. Well on your average day in the city I don't suggest you tote such a divine piece of workmanship around with you, rather saving it for utter fabulous occasions. However I do say carry snake, carry ostrich, carry pleather for all I care. And so on that note I would like to present to you this Jimmy Choo Snakeskin Ross bag.

Jimmy Choo, NWT, Ross in snakeskin. On sale at DecadesTwo for $1400.

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Burberry In Stores Now

Having a bag of the moment is often considered de riguer among most women. However the smarter shopper of the group will always choose a bag that will never go out of style, and while still recognizable as that bag from that season, will never be over played.

With this Burberry satchel, its probably safe to say you will not be rushed out of style and in the back of the closet like you would with a Spy Bag or some novelty Speedy from LV.

Burberry, tan leather satchel with gold horse bit style hardware. In stores now, originally retailing for $1650 available at Decades for $960. Quite a bargain and its brand new and unused.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Lanvin Hiver 2006

The Fall and Winter collections from Alber at Lanvin were quintessential Elbaz for Lanvin. The over sized bow-ties, the slouchy and comfy coats and the other Alber qualities all made women around the world swoon. So luxurious and so unashamedly over the top, purchasing Lanvin has become every ladies favorite and most glutinous pastime. There is nothing not to love about Lanvin.

This Winter 2006 wool boucle jacket is trimmed with mink. It is brand new with tags and originally retailed for $12,098. It is a size 40 and is available at DecadesTwo for $4310.

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Zac Posen Fall 2006 suiting

The pencil skirt suit is always a popular choice for the hard edged bitch who will sashay her way down marble hallways at the world's leading mega corporations. Severe and forbidding the woman who can wear this style of dress and still be sexy is not only the devil in Prada, or Posen as this case may be, she is also a siren and will break every man's heart.

Zac Posen supplies you with such an ensemble. Size 4 and originally retailed at $3538 this deep navy satin tux suit with velvet piping is sumptuous. From his Fall 2006 collection it is available at DecadesTwo brand new and with tags for $1060. SOLD

As shown on the runway as separates:

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Chanel Fall 2005

Chanel, by Karl Lagerfeld, always the ever popular option for well heeled women the world over, never goes out of style. That is why at DecadesTwo we can provide you with dresses like this Fall 2005 collection dress. Although I could not find a shot of the dress on its own, in the gaggle of models and Karl below just to the left of Karl the model with the straight red hair is wearing this dress as shown on the runway.

It is black silk with mini pearl piping detail and is a size 38. Available at DecadesTwo for $1150. SOLD

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Karl Lagerfeld Fall 2006

Oh Karl Lagerfeld, the styliste he is never ceases to astound me. His work whether for his own label, Chanel, Fendi or any of the other companies that he designs for is always so perfectly designed for the aesthetic of each particular line. This brand new with tags dress, made of silk is another example of his prowess.

It is a racer-back tank style dress with a mini x/cross pattern, size 8. Originally retailed for $695, at Decades it is available for $495. In stores now, find it at DecadesTwo before anyone else does.

As shown on the runway:

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Zac Posen Fall 2006

Although not shown on the runway at Zac Posen's Fall 2006 show, the print was in the mix and the world missed out on this glamorous organza creation. But you will not be missing out on it when you find it at Decades Two, brand new with tags. Its gorgeous and flowy with a fabulous red and gray floral graphic print.

Feminine and expressive, also mature but youthful this size 4 dress which originally sold for $6270 is available at DecadesTwo for $2800.

Although it comes from a Fall collection this gown is perfect for summer and trip abroad to hotter climes than our own.

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Stella McCartney Scarab Messenger bag

The Scarab beetle was regarded as sacred by the ancient Egyptians and so it is right that it should sit so prominently and so close to one's heart as you wear this crimson red suede bag from Stella McCartney.

Double pocketed and double pouched the zippered compartments of the bag are joined by one large chain link chain. Either let it sling low or wear it as part of the strap across your chest and back.

This bag may be aging gracefully but on the right person you will be eternally chic, just like the Egyptians. Priced at $485. SOLD

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Louis Vuitton Spring 2007 part II

The third look down the runway for the Spring 2007 collection from Louis Vuitton, this seer-sucker denim jacket is avant garde and garish. Surely worn to cause a commotion, the over sized poof sleeves hark back to masculine clothing from the 1500s.

If you are a historian you will love this jacket. Corset style on the back and hook and eye closure up the front the jacket is snug, form fitting and has an burlesque feeling to it while introducing the Spanish Conquistador silhouette that is rarely seen any longer.

Brand New of course and unsized most likely a 2/4. Priced at $3510.

As shown on the runway:

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Louis Vuitton Spring 2007

For those of you that do not have the luxury of pre-season orders at some of your favorite designers, Decades Two is happy to facilitate at least a little of the fashion urge.

One of our consignors decided she should share the love and her love comes in the form for Spring 2007 Louis Vuitton x2!

The first is this Safari-esque jacket. Typically masculine and millitary the safari coat has been reimagined and given a feminine quality unlike any other. The off the shoulder cut and corset detailed back allows for classically feminine touches to a stern jacket.

It is of course more than Brand New and does not come with a size however is closest to a 4/6. It is priced at $2910 and will be gone before you know it. We have only just unleashed it on the world. So get ready for the wild of the outback, or the heat of the desert in this ultra-chic offering.

As seen on the runway:

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Stella McCartney

Even though it has been quite warm here in Los Angeles of late, it is still quite cold around the rest of the Northern Hemisphere. Actually it got cold again in LA today. That said I decided to post this glorious coat which is just perfectly suited to this wintry weather.

Stella McCartney, boat necked and down to the knees, this out-sized houndstooth overcoat with contrasting shoulder detail in herringbone is a chic and mod option for your wardrobe. Sometimes a fabulous black over coat is just not enough umph for the day you have scheduled. Sometimes you need just that little bit more. From Fall and Winter 2005 this coat really might be the one. SOLD

As seen on the runway:

Priced at $1260 and made of wool it is sized 40.

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