Tuesday, March 31, 2009


One of our favorite things to do @ D2 is keep client wish lists of pieces or designers that our clients are searching for. There's nothing like feeling like Santa in the middle of July when you know you've come across the exact 2002 Moto Bag or structured Stella houndstooth coat that you know your clients have been seeking out with no avail.
However, one of the biggest wishes of you ladies is to keep the Chanel coming. So, for this latest blog posting, I wanted to let you guys know of a few new pieces we have in the store. Ho Ho Ho!
*Chanel Spring 2007 boucle jacket with fringe detail. In a size 48. Priced at $2700.
**Chanel Fall 2003 boucle jacket with fringe detail. In a size 46. Priced at $2170.
***Chanel Fall 2008 navy art deco dress. In a size 38. Priced at $1600.
****Chanel Cruise 2005 black flapper-inspired dress. In a size 40. Priced at $1520.


Oh my goodness--spring is finally upon us and you guys know what that means--wedding season. Nothing quite screams love more than birds chirping in the open sunny air and there ain't nothing we love more than celebrating the love to the tune of wedding bells.
However, back-to-back nuptials can put a strain on a girls wallet as well as her closet. Which is why we've pulled this pink Isaac Mizrahi ballgown as a possible option for the season. Go garden party with a pastel colored feather-weight cashmere sweater set or go goth with something like this Rick Owens halter tank and a combat boot--the possibilities are endless . . .

*Isaac Mizrahi pink taffeta silk ballgown skirt. In a size 6. Priced at $970.
**Rick Owens black halter tank. In a size small. Priced at $250.

For further information or to purchase, please contact: thegang@decadestwo.com


D2 Staffer: Gus
In Heavy Audio Rotation: Bon Iver, David Axelrod, MC LYTE
Can Be Seen At: Icebergs at The Wolf Gallery
Wouldn't Be Caught Dead: the 405 at 5pm on a friday
Staff Pick: Chanel Accessories
Et Pourqois: Nowadays, anything can be an accessory: a Kaballah bracelet, a DUI, a child . . . but the best way to set off an already perfect ensemble, is with a lil' COCO magic!
*Chanel boucle boots with patent leather toes and lucite "quilted" heels. In a size 39. Priced at $450.
***Chanel brown leather 2.55 whith silver stud detailing and chain strap. Priced at $1500.
For further information or to purchase, please contact: lizzy@decadestwo.com

Monday, March 30, 2009

*Rachel Zoe and Christos Garkinos

*Christos Garkinos and Cameron Silver

*Brad, Cameron and Taylor

*Nicole Ritchie and Rachel Zoe

Party Decor

PARTY PARTY PARTY!!!!!!! for those of you who couldn't shake your groove things with us last week at our Rachel Zoe party--we can only say you were sorely missed. So you don't feel entirely left out, we've posted a few pics from the party. Check 'em out!

OOOOOOOOH! and don't forget to "stop by" our ebay store--we put up the remainder of the Rachel Zoe costume jewelry collection. Each piece comes with a handsigned thank-you note from Rachel herself--and don't forget the sale is chicness for charity as 50% of the proceeds will be donated to the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance.
*Photos from WireImage

Monday, March 23, 2009


As you guys know, it's nothing but mo' Zoe here at Decadestwo. While we're ramping up for our Rachel Zoe costume jewelry show and sale tonight, we thought we'd leave you with our five favorite Zoe-ments from the red carpet. Just a lil' sumpin' to whet your appetite . . . * Joy Bryant in Zac Posen at the Art of Elysium Ball, 2008. Photo from WireImage

*Jennifer Garner in Oscar at the Oscars, 2008, photo from style.com

*Cameron Diaz in Dior by John Galliano at the costume Insitute Ball, 2007, photo from style.com

*Kiera Knightley in Vera Wang at the 2006 Oscars, photo from

*Debra Messing in Oscar De La Renta at the 2008 SAG Awards


*photo from www.la.racked.com

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our very own GUSTINE is the STREET STYLE pic on ww.la.racked.com! Holler!
The gorgeous Gustine was snapped while sipping a lil' vino and making some art jealous at LA Fashion Week before she trotted off into the night to show revelers how its done with her signature "Windmill" move on the dance floor. Our gal always shakes her tailfeather while sowing some seeds of love. Check it out and vote for our baby: www.la.racked.com


Sometimes, we must consult the sages of our time for spiritual counsel, such as what to pack for a jet-setty weekend or how to dance on a table and meet Brian Atwood. Luckily for us, Rachel Zoe teemed up with our favorite gal-about-town and style scribe, Rose Apodaca, to pen what we believe should be left in every top drawer of every nightstand in every boutique hotel across the land!

In her fashion bible, Zoe lets us in on her divinely inspired work-it-out wisdom broken down in the form of the abc's and z's of fashion, decor, and entertainment. How often are we privy to the style secrets of lving guru? So for all of you design devotees, this baby is a must-have must-read. Om.


*Cameron Silver, Rachel Zoe, and Christos Garkinos
When it comes to squeezing in some time with our favorite glamma gal, we understand that Rachel Zoe's dance card is pretty f*in full. From styling Tinseltown's chicests celebs, such as Demi Moore, Keira Knightly, Cameron Diaz, Anne Hathaway to designing handbags for Judith Leiber to working on ad campaigns for the likes of Jimmy Choo, Madame Zoe is one busy busy bee.
That's why we're cuckoo for coco puffs that the Czarina of Chic has taken a moment out of her whirlwind schedule to co-host a cocktail party with us, here at the store, this Thursday, from 7-9pm. The fete will feature Rachel's collection of costume jewelry, the sale of which will benefit the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance. Rachel and D2 will be donating 50% of the proceeds to this wonderful organization and each piece sold will be accompanied by a hand-signed thank you note from Rachel herself. Because the most stylish thing we can think of, is helping others. Jewelry be with you.
To RSVP for the party, please contact: amanda@decadestwo.com
To donate to OCNA, please visit: ovariancancer.org

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Ain't nothing we like more than a lil' gold bouillon, you know what we're saying? If we can't get our hands on big stacks of gold bars, these handbag babies will just have to do. They're bright, shiny and worth their weight in . . . well, gold. Don't make us force a medal-winning analogy out too. TGIF, Mary.
*Marc Jacobs gold leather large tote with sparkly gold lucite accents. New without tags. Priced at $650.
**Fendi gold leather B Bag. In next-to-new condition. Priced at $750.
***Chloe gold chainmail handbag with tortoiseshell closure. In next-to-new condition. Priced at $850.


There's just something cool about a leather jacket. Skulking about in such an item calls to mind blustery West Coast days, riding in a red convertible, top down, blazing towards the Griffith Observatory . . . wait. That might be Rebel Without A Cause.
Anyhoo, no one but no one was cooler than James Dean. As Spring is practically upon us,and everyone seems hellbent on showcasing the floral, a leather jacket spices up spring pastels like a leather jacket. We like our flowers touch and rough. We're a little bit naughty but always nice.

*Rick Owens mud colored leather jacket with knit underside sleeves. In next-to-new condition. in approximately a size small. Priced at $650.

**Proenza Schouler black matte leather blazer. In a size 8 (but closer to a 6--meant to fit snugly). In mint condition. Priced at $600.

***Isabel Marant black lambskin jacket with Elizabethan collar. In a size 1 and in mint condition. Priced at $450.

***Marni navy smooth leather jacket with hidden snap front closures. In approximately a size small and in mint condition. Priced at $770.

****Henry Duarte black shiny trench coat with whiop-stitching and belt at the waist. In approximately a size small. Priced at $720.


Sometimes, when we blog, we try to think of a theme or some cohesive group of ideas that have been floating around in both our heads and in the zeitgeist, that we absolutely must share with you, beloved readers, about what we think is happening and what will be happening, in fashion today. We like to spotlight a trend we think will be up and coming or showcase our must-haves for the upcoming season.
Sometimes, though, we get in a piece which is just so freaking fabulous, that we have to post it immediately for no other reason that is amazing and should be loved, adored and admired. That time, my dear friends, is today. The dress: the Oscar de la Renta Spring 2008 beaded and petalled concoction that closed the Spring 2008 show. That's right. Donned by Miss Deyn herself on the runway. Take a deep breath. We know. In the words of the infamous Mrs. Rachel Zoe, "We die." There are no words . . .
Oscar de la Renta Spring 2008 silk petal ballgown. In a size 10. New with tags. Originally retailed for $12,950 and priced at $5,520.
For further information or to purchase, please contact: lizzy@decadestwo.com

Monday, March 02, 2009


Fashion inspiration can come from anywhere. Just last weekend, I was driving down the highway, top down and signing along with Donovan to Mellow Yellow at the top of my lungs, when it came to me. Yellow is the color to pull us of our its-almost-spring-and-yet-I-still-have-to-wear-a-winter-coat blues! Yellow reminds us of marigolds, of summer sun, of tropical fruits and golden sands. Yellow is the color of days of tiki lounges, of vintage butter convertables and lemonade. Spiked, that is. Ah ladies, when we pull yellow wear out of the color spectrum, it means the countdown to the beach has begun! Itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny-YELLOW-polka-dot bikinis: here we come!

*Couture Couture yellow pleated silk dress. In a size 38 and in mint condition. Priced at $1020.
**Oscar De La Renta Resort 2008 yellow cocktail dress. In approximately a size 4/6 and originally retailed for $1850. In mint condition. Priced at $970.
***Escada yellow silk cocktail dress with tiw at the bust. In a size 38. New with tags, originally retailed for $1990 and priced at $670.
****Marni mustard yellow sheath dress with pleated detail. In a size 40 and in mint condition. Priced at $450.
For further information or to purchase, please contact: lizzy@decadestwo.com


April may the cruelest month, but March is no picnic either. It's a month of schizo weather; you're at the beach on sunday and pulling out your duck boots on Monday. It's cloudy and cold in the morning, burns off by lunch, and then is freezing come sunset. ah, the desert climate i've come to know and love. Sometimes.

So, to inject a little Summer fun into Spring's gloomish glamour, I've picked a few accesories that sport bright shiny colors and florals for bright shiny people. What can we say? We heart flower power!

*Chanel floral printed canvas 2.55, with authenticity cards. Priced at $1400.

**Chloe White leather clutch handbag with beaded floral detailing, with authenticity cards. Priced at $350

***Lanvin lavender satin ballet flats with floral applique. New in box. Priced at $445.

For further information or to purchase, please contact: lizzy@decadestwo.com


Ok, if you haven't guessed it by now, we're mad for chanel. We just love it. Especially a Chanel jacket. In additional to being a thing of beauty, a Chanel jacket is an investment piece, whose appeal will never fall out of fashion.

We've always been proponents of spending wisely, instead of frivously. So, instead of spending your duckets on a million million pieces of avant-garde yoga wear, we think its best to buy an item of clothing that is exquisitely made, stylish and timeless. Luckily, this superchic patchwork jacket fufills all three requisites. In Chanel We Trust!

Chanel Spring 2006 boucle tweed patchwork jacket. In a size 34. Priced at $1770. For further information or to purchase, please contact: lizzy@decadestwo.com


*Christos Garkinos and Amanda Jungman


Staff member: Amanda, Store Manager

Star Sign: Aquarius (it's the dawning of . . .)

Downloaded Onto the iPod Just This Morning: Hotel Costes & Yelle

Always in Rotation: Maria Callas

Pick: Lanvin navy grecian jersey dress with elaborate gem encrusted bow detail at the decolletage. In a size 38.

Et Pourquois: It's the perfect blend of understated luxury, making this dress the perfect Spring pick for parties and weddings. Besides, I love navy!

Can Be Seen At: The Larchmont Farmer's Market

Wouldn't Be Caught Dead: On Facebook. Period.

Lanvin Navy Grecian Dress--priced at $1700. For further information or to purchase, please contact: lizzy@decadestwo.com


Oh the places we've been, the people we've seen . . . like, for example, Christian Louboutin at the debut fete for his Marie Antionette Capsule collection at South Coast Plaza last week. Mmm hmm. That's right, Mary. We were there in all of our glory with our favorite partner in crime, the ravishing Garcelle Beauvais. Cocktails were consumed, little french finger foods were feasted upon and the haute couture shoe collection was unveiled.

Mr. Louboutin, paired up with Lesage, famed french ribbon, noption, trim and embroidery house, to create a collection of shoes, that is well fit for a queen. The due created 36 pairs in all; each pair is stamped with a limited edition stamp and sold in a limited-edition box with a booklet detailing the process of the crafting the shoe. All for $6,295. AHEM?!?!?

Now Mary, there's no reason to hem and haw. While the whopping pricetag may seem a bit much in times of global economic hardship, there's always room for true beauty and true art. Who would know more than Marie Antoinette herself? And hey, nothing stimulates an economy like spending. Say, $6,295. On a pair of shoes. Because a shoe of beauty lasts forever. Priceless.
*Garcelle Beauvais, Christos Garkinos, and Christian Louboutin* Marie Antoinette party decor--how on earth did we saunter out of a party with that wig under our arms?

*Louboutin party gift: a golden metal key chain with signature platform stiletto pump--complete with red laquered sole. I mean . . .