Monday, March 02, 2009


Oh the places we've been, the people we've seen . . . like, for example, Christian Louboutin at the debut fete for his Marie Antionette Capsule collection at South Coast Plaza last week. Mmm hmm. That's right, Mary. We were there in all of our glory with our favorite partner in crime, the ravishing Garcelle Beauvais. Cocktails were consumed, little french finger foods were feasted upon and the haute couture shoe collection was unveiled.

Mr. Louboutin, paired up with Lesage, famed french ribbon, noption, trim and embroidery house, to create a collection of shoes, that is well fit for a queen. The due created 36 pairs in all; each pair is stamped with a limited edition stamp and sold in a limited-edition box with a booklet detailing the process of the crafting the shoe. All for $6,295. AHEM?!?!?

Now Mary, there's no reason to hem and haw. While the whopping pricetag may seem a bit much in times of global economic hardship, there's always room for true beauty and true art. Who would know more than Marie Antoinette herself? And hey, nothing stimulates an economy like spending. Say, $6,295. On a pair of shoes. Because a shoe of beauty lasts forever. Priceless.
*Garcelle Beauvais, Christos Garkinos, and Christian Louboutin* Marie Antoinette party decor--how on earth did we saunter out of a party with that wig under our arms?

*Louboutin party gift: a golden metal key chain with signature platform stiletto pump--complete with red laquered sole. I mean . . .

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