Tuesday, March 31, 2009


D2 Staffer: Gus
In Heavy Audio Rotation: Bon Iver, David Axelrod, MC LYTE
Can Be Seen At: Icebergs at The Wolf Gallery
Wouldn't Be Caught Dead: the 405 at 5pm on a friday
Staff Pick: Chanel Accessories
Et Pourqois: Nowadays, anything can be an accessory: a Kaballah bracelet, a DUI, a child . . . but the best way to set off an already perfect ensemble, is with a lil' COCO magic!
*Chanel boucle boots with patent leather toes and lucite "quilted" heels. In a size 39. Priced at $450.
***Chanel brown leather 2.55 whith silver stud detailing and chain strap. Priced at $1500.
For further information or to purchase, please contact: lizzy@decadestwo.com

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