Wednesday, March 11, 2009


There's just something cool about a leather jacket. Skulking about in such an item calls to mind blustery West Coast days, riding in a red convertible, top down, blazing towards the Griffith Observatory . . . wait. That might be Rebel Without A Cause.
Anyhoo, no one but no one was cooler than James Dean. As Spring is practically upon us,and everyone seems hellbent on showcasing the floral, a leather jacket spices up spring pastels like a leather jacket. We like our flowers touch and rough. We're a little bit naughty but always nice.

*Rick Owens mud colored leather jacket with knit underside sleeves. In next-to-new condition. in approximately a size small. Priced at $650.

**Proenza Schouler black matte leather blazer. In a size 8 (but closer to a 6--meant to fit snugly). In mint condition. Priced at $600.

***Isabel Marant black lambskin jacket with Elizabethan collar. In a size 1 and in mint condition. Priced at $450.

***Marni navy smooth leather jacket with hidden snap front closures. In approximately a size small and in mint condition. Priced at $770.

****Henry Duarte black shiny trench coat with whiop-stitching and belt at the waist. In approximately a size small. Priced at $720.

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