Monday, March 02, 2009


April may the cruelest month, but March is no picnic either. It's a month of schizo weather; you're at the beach on sunday and pulling out your duck boots on Monday. It's cloudy and cold in the morning, burns off by lunch, and then is freezing come sunset. ah, the desert climate i've come to know and love. Sometimes.

So, to inject a little Summer fun into Spring's gloomish glamour, I've picked a few accesories that sport bright shiny colors and florals for bright shiny people. What can we say? We heart flower power!

*Chanel floral printed canvas 2.55, with authenticity cards. Priced at $1400.

**Chloe White leather clutch handbag with beaded floral detailing, with authenticity cards. Priced at $350

***Lanvin lavender satin ballet flats with floral applique. New in box. Priced at $445.

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