Tuesday, March 31, 2009


One of our favorite things to do @ D2 is keep client wish lists of pieces or designers that our clients are searching for. There's nothing like feeling like Santa in the middle of July when you know you've come across the exact 2002 Moto Bag or structured Stella houndstooth coat that you know your clients have been seeking out with no avail.
However, one of the biggest wishes of you ladies is to keep the Chanel coming. So, for this latest blog posting, I wanted to let you guys know of a few new pieces we have in the store. Ho Ho Ho!
*Chanel Spring 2007 boucle jacket with fringe detail. In a size 48. Priced at $2700.
**Chanel Fall 2003 boucle jacket with fringe detail. In a size 46. Priced at $2170.
***Chanel Fall 2008 navy art deco dress. In a size 38. Priced at $1600.
****Chanel Cruise 2005 black flapper-inspired dress. In a size 40. Priced at $1520.

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