Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fashion's Funny Man

Sach Baron Cohen aka Borat , donned a new alter-ego for Fashion week in italy. After crashing the runway at Iceberg, (Naughty and after weeks of preperation and back-breaking work, kinda not so nice), our sources tell us that Bruno was denied access to Versace and instead of causing a scene inside the show, the comedian played high-sterics to hilt, frantically making phone calls and trying to get into into the show. With a gigantic camera crew in tow. Hhmmm . . .


Staff Member: Billy

Star Sign: Virgo

Spirit Animal: Crocodile

In the iPod: Hercules & The Affair, Deee-Lite, Giorgio Moroder

Staff Pick: Fendi Baroque Buckle B Bag***

In a word: Deee-gorgeous

Less Is More or More is More: Less, but if a girl doesn't have kids, why not spend it on a bag?

Final words: This bag is my god now.

***Next-to-new with original tags and retailed for $5070. Priced at $3500. For further information or to purchase, please contact:

Balenciaga Blocks!

Ever since Yves Saint Laurent made Mondrian's madness into wearable art, color blocking has been the living end of fashions trends. And 40 years later, noobdy does it better than Balenciaga. That's right. Witness the goemetric georgeousness that is Balenciaga's blocked frock. Crafted in a lightweight silk, this stunning dress features a swing 70s wrap construction. In a size 40 and in PRISTINE condition. New with tags and originally retailed for $2349. Priced at Decadestwo for $1195. For further information or to purchase, please contact:


Well, after the Spring Collections, which were blooming with petalled prints and accoutrements, designers were not ready to relinquish the blossoming trend for Fall. Several designers continued to fabricate florals but updated the trend for colder winter months with gothic color pallettes and dark details.

Tuck into a winter wonderland this Fall with Prada's floral dress. Crafted in a light blue silk, this dazzling dress features blood red roses, victorian draping and detailing, black tie at the waist and pleated bust. To complete the look, we'd wear this baby with a black turtleneck, black cashmere tights and some sort of lace-up, equestrain-inspired ankle boot. In an Italian size 44 and in PRISTINE condition. New with tags and originally retailed for $5065. Priced at Decadestwo for $1900. For further information or to purchase, please contact:

Friday, September 26, 2008

THE COAT FOR FALL: FENDI FUR with Embossed Leather Waist

So, as you know, if you're going to be a fashion forerunner, you have to know when to break the rules and when to make the rules. We say you can do both with this FABULOUS Fendi Fur Coat. Throw caution to the wind and wear white after Labor Day! Go crazy! Mix your fur with an embossed white leather waist band that manages somehow to be both classic and contemporary! Take your hair down, you rabble-rouser, you! There's no holding you back during this winter wonderland! We'd never dare stop you, anyway . . .
In a size 42 and originally retailed for $22,000. In mint condition and priced at Decadestwo for $9000. For further inforamtion or to purchase, please contact:

Sunday, September 21, 2008

MODEL CITIZENS at the Spring 2009 Shows

We're just as interested in what the models are wearing off the runway as what they wearing on. Here's a selection of our three favorite trends from what the models were wearing out of their own closets & styled be themselves.

Gentle Generals: Going into Fall, one of our favorite trends is softly reworked military garb crafted with luxe fabrics in a neutral palate. These girls have clearly been paying attention to YSL Safari collecitons and Rick Owens delicate draping and we adore the hybridization of the two.

Buckle Up, Buttercup: In keeping with each season's black-is-the-new-black trend, these biker babes are sporting the ultimate in buckle booties.

Burst of Blue: We were suprised not to see more violet and eggplant after the way designers have pushing purple upon us, but clearly the pop of color to spot is a bright and fresh blue. Either in a slip of color from a layered tee or break out those bleached jeans from the early nineties. Either way, we're here to stay true blue!


Seems like Sex and The City scribe Candace Bushnell's latest hot spot musings will be way more Peach Pit than Bar Pitti. Bushnell has been picked to pen a SATC prequel about everyone's favorite New York Gal About Town, during Carrie Bradshaw's teen years. Slated to stock shelves in 2010, we predict the SATC books will be even bigger than Sweet Valley High for the teens and tweens for the millenia. We can already see the screenplay in full effect. And who better than to play the part of a baby Bradshaw than the insouciant muse that is Emma Roberts? Why she's already a fashion hot plate! If she gets the part, you'll know who's moved from blogging to casting. JK, ladies!


Running wouldn't be ladylike, but damsels, get thee to The Duchess toute suite! th efilm, which centers around Duchess Geogiana Devonshire, 18th century It-Girl, direct ancestor of Lady Diana Spencer and chic celebutante who used her title and reputation to inspire the masses towards political reformation. We love it when anyone uses their fashion powers for good! it also doesn't hurt that our favorite fashion face, Charlotte Rampling, takes a turn in the film as Georgiana's mother. Not to be missed The Duchess is the ultimate in fashion inspiration. Take for example, this super chic Christian Lacroix leather jacket.

Crafted in a charcoal metallic leather, this chic piece is crafted with Georgian-inspired detailing, pleating and ruching. New with tags and originally retailed for $4898. In a size 42 and priced at $2000. In pristine condition! For further information or to purchase, please contact:

Or this divine Oscar De La renta skirt. Crafted in a precious pink silk, this exquisitely pleated skirt is the boss of barouque! Originally retailed for $4400 and in next-to-new condition. In a size 8 and priced at $1800. For further information or to purchase, please contact:

RIP Los Angeles Fashion Awards

This just in . . . the Los Angeles Fashion Awards, slated to celebrate the best LA fashion, has postponed the show until 2009. The Awards ceremony, which previoulsy has distinguished such LA visionaries as Max Azria, Monique Lhuillier and well, us (that's right Mary, D2 equals Best Retailer 2006) announced its Sayonara Sweetheart last week. We'll miss you LA Fashion Awards and look forward to your return next year . . .
Lots of Love,
The Gang @ Decadestwo

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Oh my goodness, oh my goodness! Our Sale will only be up for one more day! One more day to get your hands on the best red carpet fashions just in time for awards season! We got all of your favorites, including: Nina Ricci, Giambattista Valli, Christian Dior, Oscar De La Renta, Naeem Khan, Yigal Azrouel, Angel Sanchez y mucho mucho mas! Above find a few looks from the sale to whet your shopping appetites!
Kind Regards,
the Gang @ d2

Dresses above Designed by:
Nina Ricci
Derek Lam

Saturday, September 13, 2008

STAFF PICKS: Lizzy, Amanda & Billy

In honor of our HAUTELOOK.COM Red Carpet Collection Sale on September 18th, a few of the gang here at Decadestwo picked & posted our favorite red carpet moments for fun & inspiration!

Staff member: Lizzy

Pick: Bjork's Swan Lake Dress at The Oscar's. Call me crazy . . .

Staff Member: Amanda

Pick: Michelle Williams at the 2007 Oscars. She looked so beautiful with just a bit of curl in her hair . . .

Staff Member: Billy

Pick: Liz Hurley. In THAT dress.


Ah, from one supermodel to another . . . when we saw Kate Moss sporting a Deanna Hamro snake ring, we couldn't help be feel slightly touched at the changing of the model guard. Hamro, the 80's supermodel turned jewelry designer has handcrafetd some of the most elegant pieces we've ever seen, embellished with exquisite stones such tourmaline, rubies and sapphire and intricate detailing set in 18K gold. So, to see a precious piece created by one style maker on the hand of our favorite style ruler fills us with a sense of insouciant satisfaction.

We've selected our favorite Hamro pieces for our Red Carpet Collection Sale on, September 18th. Check out a preview of Deanna talking with Christos with a few selects from the sale:

Until Then, Stay Gold . . .


If a fabulous frock is familiar like a family member, then diamonds really are a girl's best friend. Especially the baubles and dangles designed by jeweler, London Freeman and self proclaimed diamond-geezer Stephen Webster. Webster's aesthetic is like Nan Kempner meets Nan Goldin--a society gal shutting it down at CBGB's. Webster's creations have been spotted shining on such luminaries as Madonna, Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopes as well as Christina Aguilera, who does double time as the face of Webster's 2008 collection.

We selected our favorite Webster pieces to post on in our Red Carpet Sale on September 18th. You didn't think we'd leave you unadorned, did you?

Shine On you Crazy Diamonds,

Lots of Love,


Friday, September 12, 2008


It's been a few months since our last Hautelook handbag bazaar and this time we really wanted to give you gals something to shut it down! So, for our next Hautelook Sale on September 18th, we figured we'd feature selections from our Red Carpet Collection just in time for the Emmy's. If there's anything we know and love, it's a shot of Hollywood glamour. Whether you going to the Emmy Awards gala or just wathcing with your gals, we've picked our favorite gowns, jewels and handbags to have you paparazzi pretty in no time--like this stunning green Dior number as seen on Leighton Meester at the Dior Cruise 2009 show. For a video preview of other D2 selects, click the following Hautelook link:
Be sure to check us out at on Spetember 18th for all your photo-op needs! And the award goes to . . .
Lots of Love,