Friday, September 26, 2008

THE COAT FOR FALL: FENDI FUR with Embossed Leather Waist

So, as you know, if you're going to be a fashion forerunner, you have to know when to break the rules and when to make the rules. We say you can do both with this FABULOUS Fendi Fur Coat. Throw caution to the wind and wear white after Labor Day! Go crazy! Mix your fur with an embossed white leather waist band that manages somehow to be both classic and contemporary! Take your hair down, you rabble-rouser, you! There's no holding you back during this winter wonderland! We'd never dare stop you, anyway . . .
In a size 42 and originally retailed for $22,000. In mint condition and priced at Decadestwo for $9000. For further inforamtion or to purchase, please contact:

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