Sunday, September 21, 2008

MODEL CITIZENS at the Spring 2009 Shows

We're just as interested in what the models are wearing off the runway as what they wearing on. Here's a selection of our three favorite trends from what the models were wearing out of their own closets & styled be themselves.

Gentle Generals: Going into Fall, one of our favorite trends is softly reworked military garb crafted with luxe fabrics in a neutral palate. These girls have clearly been paying attention to YSL Safari collecitons and Rick Owens delicate draping and we adore the hybridization of the two.

Buckle Up, Buttercup: In keeping with each season's black-is-the-new-black trend, these biker babes are sporting the ultimate in buckle booties.

Burst of Blue: We were suprised not to see more violet and eggplant after the way designers have pushing purple upon us, but clearly the pop of color to spot is a bright and fresh blue. Either in a slip of color from a layered tee or break out those bleached jeans from the early nineties. Either way, we're here to stay true blue!

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