Friday, April 03, 2009


We heart superheros--the Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Motoko Sukanagi! Offhand, we can't help but wonder what a modern day fashion superhero would look like? What would her superpowers be? Immediate production of chic creations out of thin air? Eliminating the world of bare midriffs with a snap of her fingers? Transforming salads into champagne? Turning rags into gowns complete with a pair of glass slippers? Oh wait, that's Cinderella's grandmother . . . Anyhoo, we do know that no superhero ensemble is complete without a cape. So that's why we've picked this Chado cape for our girls, who consider our superheros. Whether they're decked to nine's at the opera or fighting fashion crimes at the 3rd Street Promenade, we've got our girl ready for anything that comes her way. POW!

*Chado silk satin lavender tiered cape. In a size medium. In mint condition. Priced at $370.

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