Sunday, July 22, 2007

Yves Saint Laurent Spring 2005 Jacket

It's hard for us sometimes not to sound like a fickle fashion floozy--we just believe that there's always enough love to go around. And while we remain the most ardent fan of Tom Ford's tenure at YSL, we're also staunch champions of Stefano Pilati's reign at the 45 year old French house. Rather than continue in the vein of Ford's uber sexy boardroom-to-bedroom styling, Pilati raided the YSL archives and chose instead to return to Saint Laurent's original refined and elegant tailoring with sharp cuts and well-edited silhouettes. For example, take this YSL classic piece: the Safari jacket. As well-identified with the brand as Le Smoking, a YSL safari jacket is the sort of iconic piece that all girls should include in their wardrobes. Crafted with exquisite crisp tailoring, the borrowed-from-the-boys jacket features pleated details and khaki green dotted swiss interior and hanging details that created a luxury has come undone look. In a size 34 and available for $900. For further information or to purchase,please contact:

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