Tuesday, October 03, 2006

While in Aspen

There is only one way to shop. It's not at one of the boutiques that litters the corners of this sleepy little ski town. It's not at one of the touristy t-shirt shops either. No when in Aspen, as I am now, I like to shop via blog, at the newly opened Decades Two blog. Well if you happen to share the same sentiments then you will no doubt love this posting.

In a world where a limited edition run can mean hundreds if not thousands of editions, perhaps even more I like to get as exclusive as I can. Sure this has to start with an exclusive brand, but what is more exclusive than 200 hand made bags from proprietor of all things luxurious Bottega Veneta.

Handcrafted in this gorgeous rusty brown supple leather with a woven handle, this bag is simply put...to die for! It has gold hardware and buckles there is one smaller snap closure compartment on the inside and is lined in suede. Below is an image of the gold authentication plaque on the inside of the bag as well as a shot of the bag sitting open and empty.

So sensational was this bag that only 200 were ever made and were retailed at $3000. At Decades Two you can do a little better. If you love exclusivity and you love fall, you are going to love this bag and you know it is something that you cannot live without! for more information or to purchase please contact us at thegang@decadestwo.com

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