Sunday, October 22, 2006

Blumarine Biker Dream

It's Friday evening, you have a date, and you are heading out to Malibu for a night at Nobu. It is perhaps a little chilly, but you decide what the hell, you're going to take the Harley. Spin by your dates' loft and have him jump on the back of your bike. As astonished and turned on as he is nothing gets him going quite the way your hot little ensemble does. Sure the bike is a strong touch, but as he clutches his arms around your waist and holds on for dear life, you know you won't be waking up alone in the morning.

To go with this fantastic scenario, you obviously need a chic little biker girl ensemble. Nothing too revealing, but nothing too biker either. So, pick this Blumarine black 2 piece sparkly tweed ensemble.

Originally priced at $2638, DecadesTwo has it waiting for you at just $600 new with tags. It is a size 40 and is sumptuously decorated with metal studding and stars and accented with real mink trim. Worn either as a suit or separates, the idea of this piece excites me just a little. Come to DecadesTwo and we will surely secure your Mr. Right-Now. SOLD

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