Friday, October 20, 2006

Lanvin Snake Platform

It may be nearing the end of October, and you may be pulling your winter wardrobe out of storage for the upcoming months but that doesn't mean you need to stop shopping for summer collections. For when your friends ask you, over a cup of tea, where you will be spending your winter hols, you can tell them with the flick of your hair, "Well Henry(your husband) and I have taken a yacht for ten days over Christmas and New Year's. We will be cruising around the Bahamas"

While your friends pack their woolen sweaters, you can pack these Snakeskin Lanvin platforms. Size 38, never worn, and just phenomenal heels. Priced at $390 they are more than a bargain they will make your holiday with Henry, so sexy, so fun and so glam.

Why pull out your winter wardrobe when you can just buy a whole new one. Come into Decades Two and we will solve all your " I have nothing to wear!" dilemmas. SOLD

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