Sunday, October 22, 2006

Christian Louboutin

We all know that Christian Louboutin is the darling of the Hollywood foot fetish world. You may be a slave to Manolo and a follower of Jimmy, but every girl worth her Balenciaga or YSL bag in this town knows the shoes to wear are Louboutins.

These may not be the most exciting incarnations you have ever seen, but as an entry shoe into the world of Christian it is a safe bet that you can always rely on in times of some podiatric love.

As you can see they are wedge sandals in the style of an Espadrille but without the summer only fabric. They are decorated with subtle black ribboning and are size 38, priced at $220. The photo below shows the tell tale Louboutin red sole that is clearly unmarked and unscathed fresh out of the box for you to use and abuse. SOLD

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