Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hermes 2003 Orange Herbag

It's no wonder that a certain hevaenly handbag company chose to name itself after our favorite winged messenger of th gods, Hermes--especially when you consider that a staple of the earth-to-underworld traveler's wardrobe was in fact the purse or pouch. Here's one of our celestial handbag pics that we're sure Hermes himself would have wanted to carry: the Herbag. A collector's item that is no longer manufactured, this heavenly handbag is crafted in a signature Hermes orange with reversable red canvas in 2 DIY interchangeable styles--one pouch is a medium size and the other is a large size (we've shown the large). The handbag is showcases thick and supple chocolate leather trim, golden metal closure, lock & keys, key fob and pochette, handle & shoulder strap, original dustbag and G time stamp (dating the bag to the year 2003). Available from Decadestwo for $2400. In mint condition. For further information or to purchase, please contact:

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