Thursday, August 16, 2007

Stella McCartney Spring 2007 Dress

We noticed that in the past, when we've touted the paricular genius of a designer on our blog, that the designer in question is usually male: Osacr, Tom, Karl, Gilles, Alber . . . except we did get to refernce one of our all time faves Mary McFadden--see below. And while we're still a fan of the boys, we'd also like to celbrate what the girls can do. So we'd to take our hats off, shake our hair loose and celebrate in the sisterhood of Stella McCartney with this Spring 2007 dress. Crafted in a pearl printed silk, this ruffle dress says "get your Fun In the Sun before it's Fall and you'll be stuffing your legs into cashmere cable stockings and wishing you were at the beach." Which we do now. Size 38 New With Tags, Retailed for $7495 and priced at d2 for $2000. For further information or to purchase, please

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