Thursday, August 09, 2007

Lanvin Spring 2007 Jacket

We're not quite sure how we feel about this whole electro clash, post punk, too jaded for even the Chelsea hotel, everyone-slept-with-the-New York Dolls-and-watched-television-with Richard Hell retro-momento. First we'd like to know who to blame. So, if you have to sport the look--our real question is this. Why, oh, why, in the name of all things holy, would you go back to members only . . . . . . when you could sport this little Lanvin number? I mean really. If you're going to do the bomber meets windbreaker jacket, then this is CLEARLY the only acceptable one. Crafted with a tan silk, this Spring 2007 jacket also features a gemstone encrusted collar. Originally Retailed for $2750 and is available at D2 for $1200. For further information or to purchase, please contact:

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