Thursday, November 05, 2009


Growing up, every girl hears tales of Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella. And even those those little girls may live to rock some goth garb in the vein of Rick Owens or Gareth Pugh, somewhere, every gal casts herself in her version of a fairy tale as the princess. Even if the princess is more Winona Ryder in Beetlejuice than Robin Wright Penn in The Princess Bride.
Either way, we've come up with a princess look that pretty much on the sparkle mark for any girl. Pink and pleated up top and multi-layres of black below. Come to think of it--this baby would also work for any girl who imagines herself as the princess of the 80s airwaves, Alexis Carrington.
*Oscar De La Renta ballgown skirt and top. Priced at $1900. In a size 6.
For further information or to purchase, please contact:

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