Monday, November 02, 2009


J'adore the St. Tropez bag. It's the perfect bag to carry with an I'm french and wear a bell-bottom-jean, a-military-shirt, a-red-lip, -a-vintage-schwinn-and-a-bang hairstyle look. It has the uber cool left bank bohemian blended with upper crust chic. I can imagine a modern day Charlotte Rampling or Jane Birkin wearing it (complete with see through dress of course.) Ok, ok I know that both of those ladies are actually English. But they speak french, work in french cinema, make french albums and marry french superstars. Mon dieu.
** Yves Saint Laurent pink suede St. Tropez handbag. Priced at $530.
YSL white leather handbag with horn handle. Priced at $630
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Cool bag!!