Monday, November 30, 2009


Now that the leaves of Fall have gently turned from green to gold, a winter wonderland has descended upon us. And you know what that means--for D2 girls, Santa comes early, bringing a big bag filled to the brim with Chanel, Chanel and more Chanel. That's right ladies: it's our annual Chanel celebration. We're talking boucle up the wazoo, 2.55's as far the eye can see, and costume jewelry that'll transport you from 8214 Melrose to 30 Rue de Cambon (ok, we may have gone a bit far on that last one. We can't guarantee these items will actually break the laws of physics. But they'll come close!)

The Chanel bonanza will be held on Wednesday, December 9th @ D2, located at 8214 Melrose. And we'll be extending our store hours for the event from 10-7. BUT FOR A LUCKY FEW: there will be an opportunity to preshop the sale. We are reserving 50 spots for clients during the day on Tuesday December 8th from 10 am-5pm.


To guarantee your first look position, we ask that you contribute $50 at the store entry to one of our favorite charities –Beyond Shelter.  Beyond Shelter (  is a non-profit organization founded in 1988 in response to increasing numbers of homeless families in Los Angeles and the need for a more comprehensive approach to serving them.


Decadestwo will match your $50 contribution to the charity.  We will send you further details once you reserve your place. Please contact to do so.

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