Monday, October 12, 2009


I'm so excited! While the idea of winter in Los Angeles usually spwans little more than an eye-roll, it's getting chilly in the City of Angels. True story. Fall is upon which means winter is right around the corner! Personally, I've already dug out my heavy jackets and thick knit sweaters but this Couture Couture jacket is so chic, I may have to have it. Unless you ladies want to to get your paws on it. I mean, a white sheared fur jacket with tiers and three-quarter sleeves?
I die. Bananas. OOC. (out-of-control. Loves it.)
*Couture Couture sheared fur tiered jacket. In mint condition and in a size 38. Priced at $1200.
For further information or to purchase, please contact:

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3 o'clock POP said...

love pinks and whites for fall/winter...