Monday, October 19, 2009


Ok, so maybe its me. But the onset of Fall always brings me back to my roots. I don't quite know if there's a word to describe the intersection of prep and punk (Prunk?), but that's where I was born and raised. On the corner where the Misfits meet LL Bean. That being said, the moment when it dips below . . . well, 80 degress, reminds me of a time when I paired a shetland knit cardigan with a blackwatch plaid boyfriend button-down, combat boots, ripped black jeans and that chelsea girl haircut--you know, the one with the shaved back of the head and the ponytail on top. Oh yeah. So, when I spied this Oscar De La Renta lilac top, I just knew it was good waiting to go bad. Personally, I'd wear it with black lace lingerie, hermes belt and my beloved ripped black jeans/combat boot combo. And lots of gold jewelry. No need to shave the back of the head though . . .
*Oscar De La Renta lilac cotton open front blouse. In a size Large. Priced at $250. for further information or to purchase, please contact:

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