Wednesday, July 22, 2009


The term flapper was first coined in its use as the title of a 1920s movie starring Olive Thomas. In the 1920s a flapper was a new kind of woman--one who bucked puritanical morés of the Victorian era in favor of wisecracking, smoking, drinking, dancing, wearing short skirts, dramatic make-updriving automobiles, and otherwise breaking convential social and sexual norms. Of course, flapper's were also ahead of the fashion curve. Boyish haircuts were en vogue along and art deco pieces, layers of beaded necklaces, straight lined dresses and short skirts became the rage. A flapper's spirit was indominable--her fashion undeniable and today, there's still something about her fashion flair which we still love. So, we've chosen this Sass & Bide fringe dress to channel each of inner flapper's. You that little voice inside you that screams to throw on a dress, grab your newsboy and hit the local speakeasy, no matter how hot it gets on a summer night. and this dress is the perfect dress to do it in. What can we say. It's the bees' knees. It's the cat's pajams.
*Sass & Bide fringe flapper dress. In a size 4/6. Priced at $600.
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