Monday, July 27, 2009


Ahhhhhhh . . . the Bar Jacket and Skirt--perhaps one of, if not the most influential pieces from Christian Dior's first collection. Dior created form-fitting sensual shapes for women, inspired by flowers. In fact the name of his first line was Corolle, or petal. His suiting was also heavily influenced by fabric rations after the war and so instead of the voluminous boxy shapes of the WWII era, Dior crafted curvaceous, body-hugging sillhouettes which accented a woman's body. His pieces employed boning, bustier-styled bodices, hip-padding, nipped-in waists and hem lines which grazed either the calves or ankles adding length and elegance to the form. Today, Dior is still known for its sophisticated suiting still inspired by the Bar Jacket and Skirt. We'd die to have the original but the re-interpretations are just as subtley glamourous as their predecessor.
*Christian Dior lace scalloped blazer. Approximately a US 8. In next-to-new condition. Priced at $820.
**Christian Dior silver lace bustier. In a size 44. New with tags--originally retailed for $2460. Priced at $180. That's right. $180 US.
***Christian Dior "Veste et Jupe Doublee" gathered petal hip skirt suit. In a size 40. New with tags--originally retailed for $3285. Priced at $850.
****Christian Dior wide lapel blazer. In a size 44. In mint condition. Priced at $600.
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