Thursday, July 16, 2009


Ok, ok . . . I know what you're all thinking. I must crazy to keep posting about fur coats. I mean it's the middle of summer. People are surfing not skiing, wearing underwear as outerwear not inner wear, shoveling sand not snow (you know, shoveling sand--at the beach--for sand castles . . . sheesh.) But sometimes, like today, when I spy a PRISTINE Lanvin Fall 2006 sheared lambskin fur coat from a seminal Lanvin collection that I personally would sell my grandmother to have attended, I just can't help wanting to share the good news. So, think of it like inspiration, besides as any fashion forward girl knows, it's never to early to start contemplating that look for next Fall. If you don't believe me, see The September Issue . . .
*Lanvin Fall 2006 brown lambskin fur coat. In pristine condition. Priced at $9000.
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