Wednesday, August 26, 2009


One of our favorite moments in the latter third of seson 4 on Sex and the City is when Carrie is taken into the Vogue closet and spies what she had up-until-then believed was only an urban myth: the Manolo Blahnik Mary-Jane.
There's just something about a Mary-Jane. It's like a big girl's schoolgirl seduction shoe: a little bit naughty and a little bit nice. so, we've posted our favorite Mary-Jane of late. Crafted by Davis by ruthie Davis, this baby si the shoe our schoolgal wore when she hiked her way out to the highway, caught a ride into the big city, found herself at elaine's with literary luminaries and wound up dancing the night away at Studio 54. Oh, I guess now she'd be at Lit. Or maybe just skulking across the Brooklyn Bridge with her skateboarder boyfriend and eating a coconut cream doughnut from the Donought Plant on Grand St. Yummmm . . .

*Davis by Ruthie Davis black patent leather mary-jane with sparkle stiletto heels and metallic insets. In a size 37.5 and priced at $250.

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