Tuesday, August 11, 2009


It seems that every designer is taking their cues from the 80s these days. I mean, we can't swing a Fendi purse without knocking into something neon and bandaged. Which is why we're so thrilled to post some good, solid, sexy can't-be-tied-down (to any era at least) Dolce and Gabbana. We're talking simple, black and white creations spun into a feminine frenzy with the use of tulle. Not just reserved for ballerinas and their tutus, D&G take this underused and underappreciated material and drape and twist it in ways you never dreamed possible! That's right sister! No longer will tulle be relagated to the likes of petticoats and underthings. The time has come for tulle to shine. MESH 2009! (Maybe I should lay off the coffee and Howard Zinn before blogging . . . )
*Dolce Mesh sweatshirt. In a size medium. Priced at $510.
**Dolce Mesh wrapped mummy dress. In a size 40. Priced at $1020.
For further information or to purchase, please contact: lizzy@decadestwo.com

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