Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Now that summer is winding down and we have barely one more month until labor day, it's time to start putting in some serious thought into Fall's wardrobe. We've been flipping through magazines, scrolling through pictures of the shows online, clocking cute looks in the streets and from what we can tell, our fave first Fall forecasted trend is biker babe. We love this trend. Drawing from a seminal fashion photograph of the uber supermodels Linda, Claudia, Christy, Naomi et al, this trend is rough and tough and ain't gonna take nothing from nobody. Except that today's biker babe gets to rule the school with butter soft skins from the likes of Gucci, Chanel and YSL. Baby, we were born to ride . . .
*YSL oversize motorcycle jacket. In a size 42. In next-to-new condition. Priced at $600.
**YSL textured black leather muse messenger bag. In mint condition. Priced at $970.
***Chanel black leather pants with side zippers. In a size 38. in next-to-new condition. Priced at $350.
****Gucci black leather pants. In a size 42. New with tags. Priced at $250.
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