Monday, June 21, 2010


OK, so obviously, we would never pair these two together. But pleated numbers are a modern jet-setters BFF. Trust. Especially for those spur-of-the moment trips to . . . say . . . Fiji or the South of France or Antigua or just camping at your local surf spot. And for fun-in-the sun trips, these two are an endless payback on a solid investment. Pleats don't wrinkle--no matter how you pack them. So when that gorgeous gent leans across the bar and asks if you'd like to go for a drive to Cabo, tell him it'll take you 5 minutes to get ready. And let me tell you why . . .

First--an LBD is an essential--no matter the season. This slightly sheer, totally slinky and sexy Balenciaga number is super chic and works as a cover-up at the beach. However, when paired with heels or strappy sandals, this dress is the ultimate cool for cocktails item. And the scarf works as a sarong at the BBQ, not to mention covering up your suntanned shoulders come nightfall.

Throw in a bikini, some strappy sandals, a tunic and a pair of cut-off denims and you're good to go. Bon Voyage!

*Balenciaga pleated knit dress. Priced at $750.
**Akris cashmere pleated shawl. Priced at $220.

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