Thursday, March 04, 2010


I ask you: Does animalia really ever go out of style?

I thought not, too.

Maybe, my love of things animal stems from a fanciful facination with cartier's panther rings and a secret love of bejeweled and bedazzled Leiber mini-audieres who take their shape in the form of jungle creatures and garden dwellers. After all, sporting a fashion item that is the grown-up version of playing dress up, where you get to be Ms. Moss and Mowgli at the same time, makes a city girl the queen of the jungle.

Of course, animalia need not be contained to sparkly accessories. Oh no, animals showing up up on the clothes is an equal sign of whimsy--and, who amongst us, doesn't wish to show of their footloose and fancy-free nature?

Thought so.

*Gucci tiger printed halter dress with matching scarf. In a size 42. Priced at $1420.

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