Saturday, January 05, 2008

Jeremy Scott Green Tulle Ballerina Dress

Oh my goodness gracious, we heart Jeremy Scott and we know that you do too. This pop culture wunderkind, who revamped the Longchamp accessory line, reknowned for his wonderful and wacky printed garments--think telephones, french fries, constuction worker boot prints--is not just some avant garde flash in the pan. The man can sew, mmmmmmkay? and design gorgeous clothes that are as functional as they are fabulous. Take for example this deep jade tulle confection. Simply stunning on any gal, this baby is Swan Lake not Echo Park Lake. Dig? Priced at $600 and in next to new condition! For further information, please contact: SOLD


Renee said...

oh my gosh.. wow.. i'm in love with this dress.. this is exactly what i was looking for!.. just.. wow haha

Miss Delilah said...

I love it. I'm in love. gorgeous