Saturday, January 05, 2008

Costume National Pleated Dress

This pleated black silk over printed black silk satin Costume National number just screams Carrie Bradshaw. From the top of the Chrysler building. Approximately the first half of season 6. It yells "Don't worry baby. You can find a better Berger at the coffee shop so throw me on and let's go paint the town pink, baby!" Personally, I prefered Petrovsky--but up here in the Decadestwo annex, us lil' worker bees are torn. Aidan vs. Big. For me, no one does it better than Baryshnikov . . . heeeellllllllllooooo, White Nights, Anyone? Sheesh. In a size 40 and in mint condition. Available at D2 for $600. For further information or to purchase, please contact:

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