Monday, February 01, 2010


*photo courtesy of Racked LA

Well, you came, you saw, you conquered. And you certainly left nothing out in terms of preparation--some of you lined up as early as 1 am, clad in winter-friendly puffer gear, to get the first gander at the goods last Saturday at our annual shoe sale. Some of you even had the wherewithal to bring SLEEPINGBAGS. Uh huh--true story. You guys manned up like it was 1992 and we were handing out G'N'R tickets and Axl rose himself was fronting a kissing booth. Talk about a paradise city.
Anyhoo, we had a blast! It was great to catch up with some of our old pals, meet and greet some new friends, outfit your footsies in heavenly heels, as well as raise duckets for Haiti. Thank you all so much for coming! for those of you who couldn't make it--you were sorely missed. To check out the festivities, check out Racked LA's front page today for event coverage as well as pretty pics!

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