Thursday, February 11, 2010


I've always subscribed to the belief that form should follow function. In other words, that good design is primarily solution oriented and that artistry is the way in which approach design issues. how many times have we seen some farchactat fabric scrap dipped in tar and covered in feathers with dangling mint leaves and Christmas light fringe saunter down the runway. A lot of times, all we get is smoke and mirrors and when you remove the complicated and bizarre embellishments, if all you have are boring sillouettes, then the garment is not a design feat.That said, sometimes, when you slapdash a bunch of elements that should never go together, you wind up with an item, that is pure perfection. Take this Missoni handbag for example. I don't know why a simple tan clutch covered with squiggle pinted lucite dangles, squiggle knotted ribbon and tan leather handles works, but somehow it does. I stand corrected.
*Missoni tan clutch with lucite and ribbon. Priced at $450.
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